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Why should I buy a Dryrobe?

The most in-demand product right now, in and out of the watersport world is a dryrobe. You see them everywhere – at the beach, at lakes, at sporting events, on a dog walk and even when shopping; this robe has taken the general market by storm as it is a great value warm, windproof AND waterproof coat/ changing robe.

 What is a dryrobe? - Poole Harbour Watersports

As the popularity for this item sky rockets, we are now seeing more and more similar alternatives enter the market.

At Poole Harbour, we are very particular on the brands we sell and we aim to provide products that are high-quality and suitable for our world of watersports. As such, we sell Dryrobe and RED Equipment's robes as they are designed for those participating in watersport activities, so we know that they are capable of protecting us from all the elements!


What is a Dryrobe for?

As a 100% waterproof and windproof ‘coat’ this is ideal for those who are going to be outside in not the nicest weather conditions. Dryrobe shaping is purposefully oversized and wide, to allow for plenty of comfortable space to put your arms inside and get changed out of wet clothes and wetsuits. We recommend trying a dryrobe on to find the perfect size for you, as people tend to be able to size down - we stock plenty and all sizes in store!

Originally, Dryrobe and similar robes were designed for those pre and post water-based activities. After swimming, surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, or any water-based activities, a dryrobe provides a convenient and comfortable way to change out of wet clothes. It helps to keep you warm and dry while changing or packing your water sport kit away, protecting you from wind and cold temperatures, and preserves your inner core temperature (super important if you have just down a cold-water swim and need to warm up sensibly).

Dryrobe Worth It? - Poole Harbour Watersports

However, over time the Dryrobe has been able to attract a wider audience with its main features of keeping you warm and dry in all conditions being ideal for multiple purposes and environments.

If you're spending a day at the beach, a dryrobe can serve as a cozy and warm cover-up. It's perfect for keeping you comfortable during breaks when the weather is cool or as we are in England, you cannot guarantee on a beach walk that it won’t rain at any given point!

Similarly, we have seen great interest for campers, especially in the colder months or late evenings sat outside. It can keep you warm while changing at shower blocks, act as an extra layer during chilly nights, and provide a quick way to stay dry in unpredictable weather.

Dryrobe when camping - Poole Harbour Watersports

You may have also seen many dryrobes when attending a variety of outdoor events such as football or rugby events. Parents or spectators sat or standing and watching the sport for over an hour have taken a liking to Dryrobes as they are a great quick solution for staying warm and dry. The players themselves are also seen with these as with its spacious design, it makes it easy to put on and take off over clothing, whether that be in half-time or after playing a session and having to stay outside. In the shop, we have even sold a few ourselves to the AFC Bournemouth football players!

With its selling point as a warm and dry oversized ‘coat’, these robes are now a great option for those who simply want to be able to take the dog for walk, or just go for a walk in any condition whilst wearing a coat that will cover all their clothes and be quite fashionable at the same time!


Which changing robe do I choose? What's the difference?

Dryrobes (or any robe) sound like a great value purchase due to the variety of uses for them, although now it is just the matter of deciding which brand to go for!

If you really want it for after water-sport activities and to protect you from strong wind and rain, we recommend getting one that is reputable by watersport shops and enthusiasts. As such, the next step is deciding between the DRYROBE and RED robe.


Why would I pick a RED Original robe?

We have taken a great liking to this robe recently due to the softer, plush lining and the more fitted shape that is more suitable to those who want this sort of robe but not primarily for changing. The shape of RED robes are slimmer and less oversized, they don’t ‘swamp’ you up when you wear it and they have a nice stretch panel at the side for extra movement walking, without increasing amount of material. They also are more accurate to size, in which if you generally wear a medium top or dress, then you would take a medium RED robe (we have found with dryrobe people can still fit in a small).

Red Original Robe - Poole Harbour Watersports

RED robes have a softer, thinner feel with the outside material and we recommend these for those that will primarily be walking in this coat or using recreationally when raining or cold as it is more similar to a standard coat look. Also, one advantage over the Dryrobe is that they include a flap over the outside zip, which completely stops ANY water from entering!


Why would I pick a Dryrobe?

The Original is the original for a reason. Dryrobe can be seen sponsoring all professional athletes and businesses and that is because their robes are great at doing what they are made for. They truly are waterproof and windproof and protect you from all the elements when outside, you are always cosy and dry. The shape design of the robe is purposefully enlarged and rounded so that they are practical and everyone can get changed in their robe and be comfortable. They cover clothes nicely if you want to layer up and they are also incredibly light for such a warm and layered robe.

The shaping of the robes is well thought out, in that even though they are large enough to get changed in, the length of the sleeves and body is sensible that it does not get in the way when using your hands or moving around. The Dryrobes are longer in length than the RED robes and we think this is a great asset when getting changed and for added warmth and protection from the rain and wind outside.

Dryrobe swimming - Poole Harbour Watersports

We definitely recommend a Dryrobe over other brands if you are going to use it to get changed or before or after a water/ sport session as the added space is useful if you have sport kit on (whether that be wetsuit with harness and impact vest, or a full rugby/football kit). 


How do they fit, what size shall I get?

They do differ between brands as they all have different cuts, shapes and lengths. We recommend if you can trying on or asking one of us for size guidance.

RED Robe SIzing - Poole Harbour Watersports



Kids 5-9 : suitable for small children up to 10 years old or 4’5” / 135cm tall (note they only come in short sleeve as they cover most their little arms anyway)!

Kids 10-13 : suitable for taller kids or smaller adults up to 5’1” in height.

Small : suitable for anyone measuring 5’2”-5’5” in height.

Medium: suitable for anyone measuring 5’6”-5’10” in height.

Large : suitable for anyone measuring 5’11”-6’3” in height.

X Large: these size very big so would only be suitable if around 6’4” or taller

These are the sizes we recommend primarily if you are using it to get changed in, as dryrobes measure mainly for height rather than dress/ waist size.


Call us or pop in store for more guidance and to try on!



Kids: for kids or anyone who is 4’0”-5’0”

Small : suitable for those who are 5’0”-5’4”

Medium: suitable for those who are 5’5”-5’8”

Large: suitable for those who are 5’9”-6’2”

They size more accurately and are a slimmer fit, if you want it to be baggy and oversized, you may want to size up.


Call us or pop in store for more guidance and to try on!


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