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Wetsuit Guide: Pro Tips for Longevity and Easy Maintenance

A wetsuit is an essential item for water sports lovers, as such, over their lifetime of 4-10 years, issues like tears, holes and broken zips can arise. Most minor issues can be easily fixed at home, so no need to be buy a brand-new wetsuit as this is both costly to yourself and the environment. This guide provides advice on how to treat and prevent common wetsuit issues.

Wetsuit Repair Tips Blog - Poole Harbour Watersports


Treating wetsuit issues

Fixing tears, holes, and rips on the go

Watersports accidents or general wear can result in holes, tears and rips, but luckily, with the C-Skins Neoprene Repair Kit, you can fix these on the go. The kit includes neoprene glue, application brush, neoprene discs, and neoprene tape. Make sure that your wetsuit is clean and dry before you attempt a repair!

Wetsuit Repair Tips Blog - Poole Harbour Watersports

Minor tears, busted seams and holes can usually be fixed from the surface by applying the glue onto the site and compressing using a clip to secure the neoprene while the glue dries.

Larger holes and rips can be repaired in a similar fashion, by gluing the surface of the fault, in addition to gluing a neoprene patch on the inside of the wetsuit to ensure full waterproofing.

For a detailed step-by-step guide with photos on how to fix any wetsuit fault using the C-skins neoprene repair kit, see the epic guide made by c-skins.

The point at which you should seek professional assistance for your wetsuit fault is when you can no longer repair it yourself, be it a broken zip or torn off leg. For major repairs we recommend using Bodyline wetsuits, who can replace panels using machinery and restore your wetsuit back to working condition – this option is much more environmentally friendly than purchasing a brand new wetsuit.

Wetsuit Repair Tips Blog - Poole Harbour Watersports


Preventing wetsuit issues

Looking after your wetsuit properly can prolong its lifespan significantly. Here are some pro tips to help prevent wear on your wetsuit.

  1. Stop tugging at your wetsuit

When you are desperate to get out for a session, you might find yourself tugging at your suit which could lead to a rip or tear. To avoid this situation, we recommend using our Neo slix, a wetsuit entry lubricant which takes the hassle out of putting your wetsuit on.

  1. Hand wash only

After an epic session wearing your wetsuit, rinse the salt water and grit off with cold water – never wash your wetsuit using hot water or a washing machine, as this will break down the glue holding the seams together. To keep your wetsuit smelling fresh, you can use a wetsuit shampoo 2x a year, and of course, try to avoid urinating in your wetsuit.

  1. Hang your wetsuit from the waist

When allowing your wetsuit to drip dry, make sure to turn it inside out and do not hang it like you would a t shirt- from the shoulders, as this causes the wetsuit to stretch and weaken in the chest and shoulder area. Instead, use a hanger which allows you to fold your wetsuit over, we recommend using our C-Monsta Hangers which are great because they also allow you to dry your accessories like wetboots and gloves.

Wetsuit Repair Tips Blog - Poole Harbour Watersports

  1. Avoid prolonged UV exposure

When drying and storing your wetsuit, keep it out of damp or humid places, and especially out of the sun – this will cause UV damage, which will lighten and weaken the neoprene.


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Written By Millie Aldridge

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