Everything you need to know about the main features of NeilPryde sails from head to toe:

Poole Harbour Watersports- NeilPryde sail features
3D Moulded head fairing – protects the top of the sail from abrasion damage, also incudes an easy de-rigging loop
Full Kevlar tape leech reinforcement – NeilPryde uses fully woven, adhesive Kevlar tape around the entire leech and foot edge, in order to stabilise the shape of the leech and foot by preventing any stretch along these extreme edge load lines. Kevlar tape provides ultimate straight to weight ratio, great stitch holding and prevents sail ripping. We cover Kevlar with other material to protect it from UV rays.
Visual trimming system – Downhaul the sail until the borderline of the loose leech reaches the ‘min dot’ fir the low wind conditions or ‘max dot’ for stronger winds.  For medium wind range trim between the 2 marks.
Polyurethane (PU) moulded batten end chafe protector – protects the ends of the batten pockets from abrasion damage when rigging and de-rigging.
Composite mini leech battens – Aerodynamic composite mini battens are sewn directly onto the upper sections of the sail for added stability and durability – without a significant increase in weight.
High grade plastic BatCams – positive lock BatCams, allow the rider to precisely tune and set the batten tension. Easy to open when replacing battens or adjusting batten tension.
PU foot piping – compact piping for weight reduction protecting foot edge of the sail from wear
Boom position reference points – to help you remember exactly where you like to have your boom positioned.
NEW (2020) 3D moulded tack fairing – compact size for easier rolling and weight reduction. Completely enclosed all pulleys and base elements. This helps protect the deck of the board from impact damage. Manufactured from heat moulded closed cell foam to offer maximum protection and minimal weight without water absorption. Included an uphaul hole for a clean attachment of the uphaul rope. Neoprene front piece makes it easy to fold the tack fairing back when threading the downhaul rope thought the sail’s tack pulley.
Sail toggle – All NeilPryde sails include an elastic loop and sail toggle system for keeping the sail rolled up during storage.
Tack Mesh Pocket – for easy storage of your downhaul line or any other part.
Triple roller tack fitting – A solid metal tack fitting in heavy duty construction. Three large nickel-plated rollers offering minimal downhaul friction over an extended lifespan.

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