People use kayaks for a number of reasons, such as travel, exercise and leisure. They can enable us to see stunning views close up or used as a fun day out.

There a different types of kayaks on the market which can seem daunting at first, but once you know what purpose it will be used for, it should be easier to decide.

If you are planning to use a kayak for recreational use, Sit-on-top kayaks are perfect for beginners as they easy to get on and off. They are also slower than traditional kayaks and have drain holes to let the water out. These types are better suited to use in warmer weather as the body will be exposed.

If you are looking for an enclosed kayak instead, to use in more varied weather conditions, Recreational kayaks are stable in calm waters, affordable and easy to use. There are also Inflatable kayaks, but these are slower as they take a bit more effort to paddle, but they are easy to transport.

Alternatively, if you will be using your kayak to travel, Touring kayaks might suit you better as they are stable in choppy and open water and the cockpits are also usually built in with spray skirt, which will keep you dry and warm.

Other options include Folding kayaks which have a rigid frame and inflatable chambers to enhance stability, or Modular Kayaks that divide into 2-3 sections for easy transportation. Cockpit sections can also be added to allow for more passengers.

This is just a brief summary to get you started, make sure to do some research and enjoy your new adventures!

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