Poole has been highlighted as a top choice for a seaside getaway in the UK this summer by the Metro, with the newspaper describing it as “a sweet little harbour town on the Dorset coast”.

Top of the list of things to see here is the Quay, and by association the harbour. While the news provider suggests there’s a chance of spotting dolphins in the harbour while you’re ambling between the shops, pubs and restaurants, you’ve got a much better chance of seeing these beautiful marine mammals if you’re actually on the water.

While we can’t guarantee dolphins, you may get lucky on kayak tours in Poole and be joined by one or more of these playful creatures.

Another highlight cited by the newspaper is Brownsea Island, which is the perfect spot for a day trip to escape everyday life. A kayak tour around the harbour will usually involve a paddle along the coast of this small isle too, allowing you to gain a different perspective of the nature reserve that’s best known for its red squirrels and as the home of the scouting and guiding movements.

Spending some time exploring Sandbanks and the high-end properties here is another suggestion from the newspaper, as well as having a wander around Poole Park.

Once the sun goes down there’s still a lot going on in Poole. During the main summer season there are weekly fireworks displays over the harbour and live music on the Quay for everyone to enjoy. The best part is the events are free, so it’s a great way to enjoy Poole in the evening.


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