JP magic air 150


Length 250

Width 84

Volume 200

Weight 10.8 kg

Price £1349


I tried the JP magic air 150 out in Weymouth this morning with my 8.1 Severne Turbo in a force 4. I'm not going to lie, I’m like alot of windsurfers and was abit of an inflatable windsurfer sceptic but was keen to give it a go.






You think to yourself ’its inflatable what can it possibly do' but it planes very well on the flat water, I noticed a slight tendency to need to bear away a bit more than normal to get planing but there’s not too much drag and it doesn’t spin out. It goes upwind like it should and even gybes! Other great features include the footstraps that are very comfortable and well positioned and the 44cm fin fits really tight in the integrated powerbox.



The only time you really notice that it is a inflatable is when you hit chop – it did send a few shudders through the board but nothing like you might image it would. I would say this board fills a gap in the market for the travelling windsurfer, it packs down into a SUP sized bag which is very impressive. I was very impressed with the performance of this board and look forward to getting my boys out to have a play on it too.

Check out the JP Magic Air here



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