Electric SUP Pump Review (+discount!)

AIRBANK PUFFER Pro Rechargeable Pump: Review

We have used and tested many electric pumps here at Poole Harbour Watersports, but we have been truly impressed with the Puffer Pro Rechargeable pump.

Firstly, it is super compact and lightweight. You can hold the pump and pick it up with one hand, compared to others that are super boxy and a lot heavier. The pump weighs only 1.26 kg and measures 16.4cm  x 8.6cm. We think the portability of this pump is great if you are paddleboarding or adventuring and want to pump it up away from the car, and then take the pump in a drybag on the water with you!

The package contents of the pump is also very well thought out and accommodating to all types of hoses with multiple ring thicknesses for boards and different depth adaptors too. It also supplies a car charging cable and a USB-C plug and lead for two different charging options.


The screen and set-up is simple and the display is clear against the all black background. You simply turn on the machine, and increase the set pressure you need with the + and -. A great feature on this pump is that it is a lot more specific with measuring and setting to 0.1PSI. Deflate mode is also available to help you pack up quickly after your paddling session.


We didn't charge the pump to full charge before we used it, but with less than 100% charge, it easily pumped up 3 inflatable 10'8" paddleboards to 15PSI. It also was not as noisy as other pumps when inflating, and within about 6 minutes it was full inflated to 15psi. We reckon it could complete 4 with full battery and whist not being plugged in! Super impressive for an electric battery pump and so ideal for those with multiple boards and don't want to worry about pumping them all up if you are not close to a socket or car!




Overall, we are impressed with the Puffer Pro Rechargaeble pump, it is refreshing to see something more advanced as an electric pump, that is smaller but also performs better.


Discount Link: https://www.amazon.com/promocode/A3U31DNILDY3X9

Discount Code: 10AIRBANK


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