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  • Duotone Fixor Harness Lines

    Length specific construction to always ensure correct degree of swing Low-stretch rope with 2mm high-density PU tubing for maximum longevity  Inside rubber patch avoids twisting on the boom tube Sizes...
  • Duotone Black 50 Series Mast

    YOUR ENTRY INTO DUOTONE HIGH-END MASTS The latest beginner class in the world of DUOTONE masts. BLACK.50 is the dynamic and competitive all-rounder with 50% carbon content and a universal...
    From £179.00
  • Duotone Gold 90 Series Mast

    THE HIGH END MAST RANGE NOW WITH 90% CARBON More carbon, better performance, higher load reserves! Made from 90% high-tech T700 carbon, the GOLD.90 is manufactured to the state-of-the-art prepreg...
    From £419.00
  • Duotone Platinum Series Boom

    The super-lightweight carbon PLATINUM in AEROSPACE PREPREG TECHNOLOGY is designed for experienced and performance-oriented riders with its ultra-stiff monocoque design. Word has long since got around that even PWA team...
    From £699.00
  • Duotone Silver 70 Series Mast

    OUR BESTSELLER - NOT WITHOUT A REASON 70% carbon content for a highly balanced price/performance ratio. All SILVER.70 masts boast a strikingly impressive overall performance and low weight, which is...
    From £579.00
  • Duotone Platinum Series Mast

    THE LIGHTEST RDM MAST IN ITS CLASS The PLATINUM series was developed for World Cup pros and anyone else who expects the very best. The series has been continuously fine-tuned...
    From £559.00
  • Duotone Sliver Series Boom

    All SILVER booms are made from 7075 high-tech aluminium in high-quality BONDED TECHNOLOGY. This material used predominantly in cycling gives the tubes significantly more stiffness. There is also the new...
    From £219.00
  • Duotone S_Type SL

    International press outlets have repeatedly rated the S_TYPE as the best of its class. As a highly competitive slalom sail designed for everyday sailors, it has an unquenchable thirst for...
    From £519.00
  • Duotone Super Session

    THE ULTIMATE BUMP & JUMP SAIL BEING AN IDEAL MATCH WITH FREEWAVE AND SMALL FREERIDE BOARDS Freewave boards are amongst the best selling on the market. The SUPER SESSION has...
    From £519.00
  • Duotone E_Type

    The “E” stands for “electrifying”, “effective” and “easy to control”. E_TYPEs are exactly the kind of athletic freeride sails which make windsurfing so fascinating and uncomplicated: easy to rig up,...
    From £489.00
  • Duotone Windsurf Uphaul Line Pro

    To account for the tremendous range of different boom positions Duotone offer 2 lengths: - S to fit Wave - Freemove sails - L to fit Freeride - Race sails ...
  • Duotone Power XT 2.0

    Advantages when setting up the sail: Faster rigging: attach rope-loop – pull on standard-cleat – ratchet, ready! Significantly less power required (power ratio approx. 1/60) No need for trimming tools (e.g....
  • Duotone Fixor Pro Harness Lines

    Fast installation without removing the tail-end Length specific construction to always ensure correct degree of swing  Low-stretch rope with 2mm high-density PU tubing for maximum longevity Inside rubber patch avoids...
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