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Ezzy Does Not Do Fads. There is nothing unnecessary or gimmicky in our sails.

In 1983 David Ezzy made his first windsurfing sail under the Ezzy Sail black and white eagle logo.  He started his custom sail business on Maui in an old shed that has since become a sleek design loft. The distribution reach of Ezzy Sails has expanded to cover most countries worldwide today due to their high quality and performance sail range.

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  • Ezzy Legacy XT Mast

    THE ALL NEW 60% RDM ALTERNATIVE   The Ezzy Legacy XT skinny masts contain 60% pre-preg carbon fiber. The fibers are pre-saturated to an exact resin-to-fiber ratio, then hand-wrapped around a...
    From £118.00
  • Ezzy Hydra Pro 2020

    NOTE: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE The Hydra Pro is a light-weight, low-drag sail designed for high-speed freeride foiling. The Hydra Pro excels in the extreme upwind and downwind angles that make free-ride...
    From £615.00
  • Ezzy Hookipa Mast

    THE TRUSTED RDM MAST Our Hookipa skinny masts contain 91% pre-preg carbon fiber. Pre-preg is the key to achieving a superior weight-to-strength ratio. The fibers are pre-saturated to an exact...
    From £202.00
  • Ezzy Hydra Sport 2020

    NOTE: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Ezzy's first foil crossover foil... the Hydra Sport is designed for foiling but still works on traditional freeride board with a fin.  First and foremost, the Hydra...
    From £620.00
  • Ezzy Wave 2020

    NOTE: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE A new sail is born: the Ezzy Wave.  The goal with the Ezzy Wave was to combine the power and stability of the Zeta, with the lightness...
    From £600.00
  • Ezzy Zeta 2020

    NOTE: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE You might remember David Ezzy’s North Zeta from the late 80’s and early 90’s. The original Zeta shocked windsurfing back then by being the first 5-batten wave...
    From £605.00
  • Ezzy Taka 6 2020

    NOTE: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE ...the hardcore wave sail. Every few years, the sail's evolution makes a great leap forward. Lighter, more stable, and quicker to get going, the new Taka is...
    From £600.00
  • Ezzy Lion 2020

    NOTE: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE TWIN CAM POWER FREERIDE After over two years of R&D, the new Lion - Ezzy's 2-cam freeride- is finally ready. The Ezzy Lionis a twin-cam, power-freeride sail....
    From £680.00
  • Ezzy Legacy 2020

    NOTE: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE In an effort to improve the collection, David gave the new Legacy a more controllable  feel across a wider wind spectrum.  The new Legacy is also stronger....
    From £455.00
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