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Founded in 1999 by brothers Jeff and Tony Logosz, Slingshot Sports has always been about tinkering, exploring and finding the next great adventure.

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  • Slingshot Talon (Compstick Guardian) - 2018 - Poole Harbour Watersports

    Slingshot Talon (Compstick Guardian) - 2018

    For dedicated wave riding and hooked-in riding, the standard chicken loop is a clumsy component that creates distance between your core and the bar and limits your throw and depower....
  • Slingshot SlingWing

    NOTE: The SlingWing is now here! available now!. The SlingWing Classic V1 is part windsurfing, part kiteboarding and part flying, each broken down to their most basic form. When you...
  • Slingshot Widow Maker - 2018 - Poole Harbour Watersports

    Slingshot Widow Maker - 2018

    The Widowmaker is the most advanced board in our lineup. Its high-end carbon composite construction isn’t just for looks- it creates a fast and crazy light ride with a sharp,...
  • Slingshot SST - 2019

      FREEDOM AT LASST The SST means surf, foiling, freeride freedom. Carve upwind for miles to find the best swell, slash harder than riders half your age, then dash downwind,...
    From £850.00
  • Slingshot SST - 2018 - Poole Harbour Watersports Slingshot SST - 2018 - Poole Harbour Watersports

    Slingshot SST - 2018

      The Slingshot SST 2018 is fine-tuned to fly deeper in the window than most kites. This, combined with the kite’s shape and bridle setup, yields hero-level downwind drift and...
  • Slingshot Simulator 5'6 Foil board - 2019

      LEARN AND BURN Your learning will be stimulated with the softest and cushiest board in foiling. You’ll go from slipping to ripping ... and you’ll do it without getting...
  • Slingshot RPM - 2018 - Poole Harbour Watersports Slingshot RPM - 2018 - Poole Harbour Watersports

    Slingshot RPM - 2018

      The Slingshot RPM 2018 is the kite of choice for instructors, world champions and everyone between Open-C canopy delivers versatile, reliable performance in all conditions Shock-absorbing IRS bridle stabilizes...
  • Slingshot Refraction - 2019

       BE THE LIGHT Stand out at the beach or park with a crossover wake and kite board. Sam Light’s pro model board is as versatile as he is: King...
  • Slingshot Rally - 2019

      RALLY WHERE YOU WANT TO GO The Rally will take you where you want to go. Upwind, downwind, back rolls, front rolls, mega boosts, waves or flat water, the...
    From £900.00
  • Slingshot Mixer - 2018 - Poole Harbour Watersports

    Slingshot Mixer - 2018

      You’ll be slashing to your heart’s content with the Slingshot Mixer’s quad-fin configuration and tail profile, which favors a more slashy back foot feel than a locked-in carve. The...
  • Slingshot Misfit Aircore TT - 2018 - Poole Harbour Watersports

    Slingshot Misfit Aircore TT - 2018

    Lighter isn’t always better. In this case, however, the 2018 Misfit is by far our lightest- and best- version yet. Inspired by the same ridiculously strong and lightweight material trusted...
  • Slingshot Misfit - 2019

      WE ARE ALL MISFITS The Misfit is a board for riders who don’t fit into any particular category of the sport and want one board that adapts and performs...
  • Slingshot Karolina Pro- 2019

      SHRED BESTIE Seeking shred bestie: This is a board you can trust. It will be there when you need it the most and never leave you downwind. You will...
  • Slingshot Hover Glide FWIND1 2018 - Poole Harbour Watersports Slingshot Hover Glide FWIND1 2018 - Poole Harbour Watersports

    Slingshot Hover Glide FWIND1 2018

    Discover quiet flying on your windsurfer. Tony Logosz designed this wing with emphasis on control, stability and early take-off.  And once you get out of first gear in your learning...
  • Slingshot Hover Glide FWIND 2019

    IT’S YOUR TURN With the FWIND package, you will get up and go with confidence and learn to jibe with ease. As you progress you will discover more range, more...
  • Slingshot Hover Glide FKite Foil - 2019

    GET YOUR WINGS We have taken all the input we have gotten from our foil academy (thousands of users) to build the most dynamic and playful all-around kite foil package...
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