Get up and foiling with our wide foiling stock from Starboard, Naish, Neilpryde, Slingshot, Horue, F4 and more...

Our stock includes foil boards, hydrofoils, accessories, spares and even tailored Foil packages!

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Bic Techno OD and iqFoil RacingBrands

Surfbent Board V2 Protector

In an uncontrolled fall of the rig or in extreme situations such as a spin fall, the rig hits the protector first. In this contact, the resulting energy is degraded by...

F-One Rocket Air Infatable Foil Board

NOTE: some models in store now! stock moves fast so please call to double check The Rocket Air range is a line of inflatable boards dedicated to foiling sports. Surf Foil,...
£625.00 £531.00
AccessoriesPoole Harbour

Windsurf, SUP, Wing Foil Bag

Due to high demand we would like to introduce the Poole Harbour foil bag. It is the perfect tool to keep your foil safe while not in use.  - 4...

Dakine Cobra Half Hook

note: stock is not alwas live - online exclusive - please call to check stock   From the Dakine Cobra Half Hook ankle strap you can get out quickly, you...
Bic Techno OD and iqFoil RacingFins

Torx Pan Head Screw Bolt

note: stock isn't live - please check with us   FOIL BOLTS M6 X 50MM T30 STAINLESS STEEL M6 X 55MM T30 STAINLESS STEEL M6 X 65MM T30 STAINLESS STEEL
Bic Techno OD and iqFoil RacingFoil

Starboard iQFoil Foil Set Covers

note: check stock before buying   The official covers for your iQFoil - separate covers for all components. 
Bic Techno OD and iqFoil RacingBrands

Starboard iQFoil Carbon 95 Mast

95 iQFOiL The iQFoil 95cm Carbon mast is an extra-stiff version of the standard 95cm Carbon mast, built with 44 layers of ultra-high modulus pre-preg carbon fibre: for more performance,...

NP Neilpryde Foil Adaptors

  Glide Foil Power Box + Plate Glide Foil Deep Tuttle Glide Foil Surf Plate     Have some questions that need an experts help? Give us a call on...
Bic Techno OD and iqFoil RacingBrands

**NEW** Fuselage 115 Plus Aluminium

 Fuselage 115 Plus Aluminium (Race Plus) iQFOiL
AccessoriesBuoyancy Aids

Forward WIP Kompact Vest

NOTE: Stock may not always be live - due to ongoing supply issues, some sizes may be a pre order (please call to check).   Super buoyancy vest for all...

Neilpryde Glide HP Tail Wing

note: production had been affected by COVID-19 so please call to check stock or delivery times   GLIDE HP TAIL WING 2.5Tail Span 40cm, area 225cm2   GLIDE HP TAIL...

Starboard Foil Aluminium Masts

 75 / 85 / 95 Note: Adding the Top Plate Adapter to an Aluminium V6 mast adds 7cm in length Got any questions? Please call us on 01202 700503 or...

Starboard Carve E 2020

Note: Stock is not live and in high demand this season - please call before buying CARVE E   E is for Energy  -  The two largest Carve models evolve...
£1,349.00 £1,145.00

Starboard Super Cruiser Foil

Note: Please call or email us regarding stock availability    THE SUPER CRUISER A new style of foiling: manoeuvrable, smooth and super fun. Their easiest foil ever. The 1700cm2 front wing...

Poole Harbour Custom Board Bags

Custom Made Board Bags made to fit any board!! These strong and protective board bags will help to keep your new board clean a safe when not in use. Bags...