We stock booms from Severne, Aeron, Neilpryde, North and Windtek.

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  • Chinook Pro 1 Alloy Boom

    The Chinook Pro 1 Alloy boom offers near-carbon stiffness and has the following features: Long adjustment range (62cm)   Monocoque construction.  Easy snap-on skinny adaptor for use with RDM masts Absolute...
    From £189.00
  • Severne Metal Boom

    THE METAL BOOM IS A T8 ALUMINIUM MONOCOQUE CONSTRUCTION WAVE BOOM.   LOCKJAW Born through frustration with generic parts, we analyzed every functional feature and current issues inherent in many...
  • North Silver Series HD

    The SILVER HD consists of 3 segments and has a one-piece alloy tail-end which is of course also equipped with the innovative iFRONT 2.0 head. Features such as flex adjustment and length-specific...
    From £225.00
  • Aeron Boom MCT-26

    The MCT-26 is our best seller, the UK's number one premium alloy boom. There's a superb front-end, easy to adjust double-pin clips, light weight and excellent stiffness!     The...
    From £149.00
  • Aeron Boom MCT-29

    Stiff, tough and light, the MCT-29 is amongst the toughest standard shape alloy booms in the world. It features the same high quality fittings found on all the latest Aeron...
    From £149.00
  • NeilPryde 2017 X1 Boom

    The X1 boom has a monocoque body construction. It features a glass fibre reinforced, injection moulded VT-Joint, twin-pin trimlock adjustment system and an integrated boom lever. The X1 comes with...
  • NeilPryde 2017 X3 Boom

    The X3 boom features a 'Pressure Flow Forged' aluminium head, monocoque aluminium tail extension, T6 series alloy arms and an S-shape profile on all lengths. It comes with a glass...
    From £249.00
  • NeilPryde 2016 X1 Boom

    Aluminium Boom NeilPryde VT joint to allow a perfect fit on a large variety of masts. Monocoque body construction. The whole body of the boom is made out of one...
    From £179.00
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