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> F-One Rocket Air 7’2”
> F-One FCT Gravity 1800/ 2200 (with 75cm mast and top plate)
> 4.2 or 5.0 F-One Swing V2


  • The 7'2" Rocket Air is a twin-skin, high grade drop-stitched board dedicated to wing foiling packing 190 litres of volume into a short, wide shape making it a super stable and supportive platform to learn this new sport
  • The boards come with removable side fins for those first sessions on the wing without the foil
  • Lightweight, stiff, easy to transport and store and also forgiving on the body when falling and climbing back on!
  • Couple it with the 2200 Gravity FCT foil for regular or heavyweight users or the 1800 for lighter or more enthusiastic riders we have a winning pack
  • The Rocket Airs no longer feature the Tuttle mount that we had for 2020 - they are now a 4-boltsystem meaning any plate foil can be attached
  • The Mast and Top Plate included is the regular F-ONE aluminium one which can be used with the rest of our range making it cheaper for the rider to upgrade once they've learnt
  • We have the Phantom 1480 and 1280 foils coming out in the FCT construction - this means that once the package rider is ready to progress they can simply swap out the front wing for something more performance orientated rather than having to buy a complete new set up. The bigger wings can be kept for teaching friends and family or use on light wind days or smaller swells
  • The Swing V2 is a tuned-up Swing V1 - better low-end, better upwind but still retaining its user-friendly light weight and forgiving nature

PACK 2: 

> F-One Rocket Air 7’11”
> F-One Swing V2 4.2 and 5.0


  • This 7'11" is what they describe as their Swiss Army board
  • Twin-skin, high grade drop-stitch construction
  • Comes with regular rear fins so can be used as a normal SUP
  • It has the removable side fins for learning to wing without the foil
  • It features a mount for attaching a windsurfing rig
  • It has the new 4 bolt foil mount system so is compatible with any plate mount foil
  • Lightweight, stiff, easy to transport and store - again, forgiving when falling and clambering back on
  • Again, the Swing V2 is a tuned up V1 - better performance than the popular V1 but very forgiving so perfect to learn and progress with


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