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Every NeilPryde sail will perform to its highest potential when used with the specified NeilPryde mast because our sails are designed around our mast curves. All masts are featuring our unique Progressive Flex & Bend Curve, compatible with previous sail models.

Higher performance level masts will have higher carbon content reducing the weight of the mast as well as significantly increasing reflex and overall performance. We use pre-preg technology on all our masts to ensures optimum control of resin content and resin distribution throughout the laminate (avoiding risk of dry spots that could cause local weakness).

The NeilPryde RDM masts are compatible in curve with NeilPryde SDM Masts. Choose a RDM mast for a softer, more forgiving feel and durability and a SDM mast for faster response, stability and more direct feel.



At NeilPryde we believe that 65% carbon content is the minimum you should have to get the maximum out of your sail. In turn we balanced the lower carbon content with fiberglass prepreg layers in the lamination process to make this mast virtually indestructible! The thicker fiberglass wall of the mast makes it immune to ovalization under compression.


TPX and SPX masts are finished using our unique, “Shark skin” surface texture layer. This low friction surface finish prevents wet materials from sticking to the mast surface and reduces friction.


NeilPryde offers a twenty four month extended warranty on all masts apart from Dragonfly, as well as for the XC wave booms, from the date of purchase by the original retail customer.

A warranty extension of twelve months, giving a total of thirty-six months, may be obtained by registering online within thirty days of purchase.



Length/cm Stiffness Weight/kg Code
430 21 2.05 RMSPX65S0STD430
460 25 2.2 RMSPX65S0STD460
490 29 2.4 RMSPX65S0STD490

Length/cm Stiffness Weight/kg Code
370 17 1.6 RMSPX65R0STD370
400 19 1.9 RMSPX65ROSTD400
430 21 2.2 RMSPX65R0STD430
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