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2021 Severne S-1 Sail

2021 Severne S-1 Sail

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Manoeuvre oriented wave
The 2021 Severne S-1 is a high-performance 4 batten wave sail. The reduced batten count makes this windsurf sail light, flexible and responsive. Less structural rigidity gives a bigger sweet-spot, and allows the sail to auto-correct during wave-riding by giving the draft just enough movement to ensure constant power delivery.

Developed on an identical platform as the Severne S-1 Pro, this S-1 replicates the dynamic performance in a more accessible construction. Skin tension has been increased on the larger sizes to allow for a wider range of rigging options:

Minimal downhaul for light wind power. Still maintains enough tension to stop the sail from distorting over chop or landing jumps.
Maximum downhaul for even better top end stability.
The Severne S-1 2021 has more back-hand pressure than the Blade, ensuring there’s always some juice to go vert or launch moves.

Built in quality eM3 materials, SpiderFibre, and with a Dacron luff panel for smooth power delivery, this sail is engineered for performance. Now with eM4 in the lower panels the S-1 is stronger and lighter.

The S-1 is a manoeuvre oriented wave sail for the modern wave sailor.



> Seamless Head Panel - This high abrasion area is made from only 1 panel and does not carry any exposed seams, preventing any potential weak point in this area. As a result, seam creep and seam-related failure have been eliminated.

> em3 - eM3 is developed to combine the performance of the e-series cloths with maximum durability. The use in the upper panels reduces not only the overall sail weight but also the swing weight, aiding manoeuvrability and control. Used in the BLADE and in the FREEK.

> Double seams - All Severne wave sails have 25mm double stitched window seams. The wider, single colour seam tape ensures maximum tear strength and crash resistance.

> Boom height reference - Boom height gauge for ease of reference.

> Spiderfibre - A web of fibreglass filament that disburses loads across seams and throughout the body of the sail. By using stronger, lighter fibres and reducing sail patching, we can measurably reduce weight and swing weigh and at the same time, increase strength.

> Seamless foot construction - A single panel in the foot area with hidden load patches and zero exposed stitching eliminates seam abrasion and seam creep in this high load area. Maximum durability and minimum weight.

> em4 high load laminate - Based on the proven eM3 platform, the high load eM4 material features twice the amount of X-Ply fibre and increased film thickness to maximise durability. This new material allows weight reduction whilst maintaining puncture resistance and tear strength. Used in the lower impact zone in the sail.

> Moulded soft edge - With recessed grooving, covering any vulnerable stitching the moulded soft edge encloses the hard edge long the foot of the sail and protects the stitching from wear along the board non-skid.

> 3&4 roller tack pulley - Roller tack pulleys are matched to the sails downhaul requirements and aligned for friction free downhauling and threading ease. Rig your sails with the Severne Hardware Division extensions for function and simplicity.

> Thermoformed tack fairing - Protects your board from impact and neatly covers the foot detailing. It incorporates the rope stash pocket for easy storage of your downhaul rope.


3.0 344 140 4 2.29 ADJ SEVERNE 340 Wave
3.3 343 144 4 2.30 FIXED SEVERNE 340 Wave
3.6 370 146 4 2.43 FIXED SEVERNE 340 Wave
4.0 374 151 4 2.57 FIXED SEVERNE 370 Wave
4.4 394 157 4 2.72 FIXED SEVERNE 370 Wave
4.6 402 158 4 2.79 FIXED SEVERNE 400 Wave
4.8 404 161 4 2.82 FIXED SEVERNE 400 Wave
5.0 416 164 4 2.91 FIXED SEVERNE 400 Wave
5.2 423 167 4 2.98 FIXED SEVERNE 400 Wave
5.6 432 172 4 3.15 FIXED SEVERNE 400 Wave


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