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AFS Windfoil W105R WCP

AFS Windfoil W105R WCP

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Dedicated to Performance/Competition - World Cup Pack with 2 front wings.

The Wind 105.R is the race version of the Wind 95. The profile of the shaft is the same but the length has been increased to 105 cm. Driving hard is safer at all speeds in the chop and swell, with the new "R" wings and longer mast providing incredible 'counter gain' (upwind performance by leaning to windward) as well as being exceptionally fluid in all aspects of 'roll', allowing smooth or much more dynamic course transitions, and flying 'carve' gybes, even in the 'heat of battle'.

The fuselage is the same as that of the AFS-2, but moulded separately with the cloth axis at 90° to that of the mast and then bonded to the mast with Carbon pins for perfect stability / trajectories / Vmax ratio.

The Wind 105.R is available with the R-800 wings or with the R-800/R-750 'WCP' combo.

TheR-800 wings have a special profile, thick, with a lot of lift, really efficient in light and medium winds, to perform during the upwind and downwind runs. The small chord authorise big Vmax, to obtain the best VMG during your races.

The R-750 has been designed to reach the maximum speed in medium to high winds. Thin, small chord, they're really fast!

Supplied as a complete Hydrofoil with Mast/Fuselage World Cup Pack 

Provided with :

  •  2 front wings set (R-800 / R-750)

  • Stabilizer V2

  • Carbon Deck Plate

  • 5 x Torx M6 Wing screws

  • Screwdriver Torx T30

  • Bag to store/transport all components of the foil.


  • Shaft construction: Hollow technology Full Carbon Prepreg T700 + high module T800
  • Fuselage construction: Monolithic Full Carbon Prepreg T700 & T800
  • Wings construction: Monolithic Full Carbon Prepreg T700.
  • Front Wings R-800 width: 800mm
  • Front Wings R-800 area: 752 cm2
  • Front Wings R-750 width: 750mm
  • Front Wings R-750 area: 737 cm2
  • Fuselage length: 885mm
  • Mast Height: 1050mm 
  • Weight: 4.4kg
  • Mast Head: Deep Tuttle Box
  • Travel bag included

AFS 105R Windsurf Foil - Poole Harbour Watersports

Foil is compatible with the following front wings:

  • F-700
  • F-s700
  • F-800
  • R-750
  • R-800
  • Stab V1
  • Stab V2
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