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Duotone Now 2023

Duotone Now 2023

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A familiar concept - unique execution. Women, young rippers and smaller riders up to 160cm in height often struggle with regular sails because of their stature, strength and limited lever forces. 
At the same time they are often more talented surfers than others, so they are right to demand a full-featured and easy-to-control rig. For these individuals we have specifically developed the NOW - a highly lightweight, powerful and high-quality performance handling sail developed based on the current SUPER HERO model yet adapted so it can be used by smaller/ lighter riders with ease. 
While most sail brands use the same layouts and materials for grom and women sails as in their adult-sized sails for reasons of simplicity eg the heavy X.PLY), we do things differently. 
Thanks to the years of collaboration with all the big windsurfing schools (eg VDWS, ION Club, FBC) we have taken advantage of their wealth of knowledge to design the NOW. The magnificently balanced shape, lightweight monofilm and sophisticated mix of materials in the iMODULAR design guarantee low weight and durability.  


> ADAPTED ELASTICITY - Straighter luff curve, 3 battem layout and our convex dacron luff-panel all result in a softer sail ideal for lighter riders

> VTS TAIL OUTHAUL SPECS - Each sail carries individually defined visual indications for the correct outhaul extension (requires VTS tail boom).

> SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT - 3-batten layout, light protector, eyelet instead of tack roller and our weight optimised panel-layout all result in a super lightweight ideal for smaller-frame riders

> HOLLOW LOWER LEECH - the scooped leech outline stabilises the profile right above the boom and prevents leech fluttering

> VTS DOWNHAUL 2.0 - optional quick rigging patch allows "to the spot" trimming without even looking to the top (patent pending)

> XPLY PLUS - laminate (100/150 micron) with the lowest stretch and best UV- and puncture resistance on the market

> EPOXY BATTENS - unbreakable epoxy battens

> IROCKET 2.0 - factory calibrated individual batten tensions using a torque wrench

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