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LIGHTWIND/ FREERIDE NOTE: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Get out on the water in the slightest breeze and be impressed by the agility of our ultimate light wind weapon – the 2020 One....



Get out on the water in the slightest breeze and be impressed by the agility of our ultimate light wind weapon – the 2020 One. Its profile is specifically designed for less windy days, offering power and control at both the low- and the top-end, which provides the One with a huge overall wind range and great upwind ability. With the 2020 One it is easier and more fun than ever to kite radically in the lightest winds.

  • Spinnaker - Special PU-coated, extra light double rip-stop polyester fabric for a perfect balance of tear strength and dimension stability. 
  • Protection - Heavy duty and super light Kevlar patches in the tip range prevent abrasion at the typical spots. Dacron panels provide force distribution of the connection points. 
  • Kite-body seams - Triple zick-zack sewed and glued flat seams result in less turbulences on the wing surface. 
  • Speed pump - Easy and fast inflation and deflation due to the speed pump with double cross section connectors. 
  • TE Construction - The reinforcement of the TE with a Kevlar TM line makes the dimension of the TE stay the same forever. Kevlar does not shrink or stretch. Stiff lines create a crisp bar feeling due to lack of stretch in the TE. The special shape of the double spinnaker panels breaks down high frequencies and prevents fluttering, even after many hours of use. 
  • Bridles - Dyneema lines with a polyester sleeve for protection; Logic V-bridles with triangle construction for stiff arc support. 
  • Bladder - Special surface of the 100 micron polyurethane film prevents the bladder from sticking together. 
  • Dacron - The high-density polyester Dacron, impregnated (waterproof) and polyurethane coated creates excellent dimension stability and low water absorption. 
  • Strut connection - Stiffest kite frame due to the full circle connection. Optimized ultra-stiff connection between the LE and the struts allowing perfect control of the sail tension at the front part of the profile. 
  • Leading Edge Seam - Light glued Dacron cloth reinforces from the inside. Glued and double stitched with a high-density polyester thread and a more flexible nylon thread. 
  • Computer Aided cutting - Fabric panels are cut with a computer controlled plotter for highest quality. 
  • KOOK proof connections - It's impossible to mix up lines with the kook proof connections to the kite. 
  • Anti-tangle webbings - Anti-tangle webbings at the strut and LE ends prevent line tangling and damages to the kite by tangled lines. 








GA One 2019 - Poole Harbour Watersports


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