NOTE: This is a 2021 product so please call to check availability of sizes and constructions - some sizes available now   FREESTYLE - IMPROVED STYLE For several years the four...




NOTE: This is a 2021 product so please call to check availability of sizes and constructions - some sizes available now



For several years the four JP Freestyle boards were state of the art. Shaper Werner Gnigler tried to further develop the line several times and he managed to improve certain characteristics. But when improving one side, too much was lost on another. And in the end, the production boards were more 'complete' and remained the better package, overall. But not this year...



The key in modern freestyle is explosive pop and stability. As today most moves are executed in switch stance, boards have to provide stability for regular sailing and even more so for switch stance riding. And this is the big challenge, bringing an extra task to the board design.

The scoop rocker line in the mid-section of the board was flattened for effortless and earlier planing. 

The new bottom shape has a more pronounced V from the mast base forward which - in combination with the soft tuck line in this area of the board - makes it very forgiving. The ride is smooth and relaxed, even when sailing switch in chop and you don't lose speed when going for double moves. These features also prevent the rail from catching during sliding moves. 

The rail became slightly wider with more area in order to efficiently pop the board in light winds. At the same time, the tail is not too big for explosive pop when the wind picks up. 

The noticeable new outline and volume distribution brings the swing weight closer to the mast base. Rotations happen a lot quicker and moves become more radical. 

Towards the tail we run a defined tuck line in combination with a rather flat V bottom shape. These features create instant power, fantastic grip and a loose ride. 

The proven 85 and 105 remain unchanged and with the completeness of their balanced qualities they are still the best JP freestyle all-rounders in their size. 

All boards now come with a slightly longer fin supporting the more powerful moves and faster action. 


Ready for foil action! All sizes come with the reinforced Foil-Powerbox. No longer all the crazy foil-freestyle action needs to happen exclusively on social media for you. Or you just fancy cruising around on the foil while waiting for the wind to pick up enough to freestyle with a normal fin? More and more riders widen their wind range and discover the fun of 'flying' on their normal freestyle gear. Word goes, that the boards already were 'misused' also for wing foiling - successfully! Just go wild foiling with JPs Freestyle boards! 

The JP Freestyle boards accelerate superbly for powerful jumps. Their short, compact shapes enhance the handling in all moves and speeds up all rotations. The lively and direct feel builds confidence so that amateurs and pros alike will pull-off more moves in greater style. And the Foil-Powerbox widens the range of use.



> Full-on freestyle board

> Top competiton boards with competitive freestyle fin

> Foil-Powerbox - 

  • For the first HydroFoil boards, JP invented the specially reinforced boxes for foils with Deep Tuttlebox bases three years ago: The Foil-Tuttlebox
  • Now, the Freestyle and Magic Ride PRO also feature a reinforced Foil-Powerbox! (Ø 8mm bolt hole to avoid drilling for the NP Powerbox foil adapter)

> Parabolic Rails - 

  • works as stringer and reinforcement along the rail
  • less flex during a turn
  • quicker response to foot pressure

> Footstrap with scale for easy adjustment to the foot size and 4 screw fixation

> Carbon Innegra - 

  • High-end hybrid fabric with incredible strength-to-weight ratio
  • Excellent stiffness and impact resistance
  • Pigmented resin: saves weight and prevents paint chipping

> Double Footstrap Plugs 






 85 - 

Length - 220cm

Width - 60.5cm

Volume - 85L

Weight - 6.1kg

93 - 

Length - 220cm

Width - 62.5cm

Volume - 93L

Weight -6.4kg

100 - 

Length - 220cm

Width - 64.5cm

Volume - 100L

Weight - 6.6kg

105 - 

Length - 221cm

Width - 65cm

Volume - 105L

Weight - 6.7kg






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