NOTE: stock is not live - as a 2022 product and with ongoing supply issues - please contact us for stock levels and dates    FREESTYLE - STEADY STYLE   Four...




NOTE: stock is not live - as a 2022 product and with ongoing supply issues - please contact us for stock levels and dates




Four state of the art Freestyle designs in a modern, compact short board shape. Their awesome handling inspires the JP team riders to come up with new moves and a more radical style of sailing all the time. The lively boards are quick to plane with rapid acceleration and these sprint qualities are the prerequisite to perform in the small, limited competition areas. They jump very well which helps to pull-off all the big stunts and double moves. Furthermore, the Foil-Powerbox widens the range of use. Awesome boards to show your style!




The bottom shape has a pronounced V from the mast base forward whichin combination with the soft tuck line in this area of the board – makes it very forgiving. The ride is smooth and relaxed, even when sailing switch in chop and you don’t lose speed when going for double moves. These features also prevent the rail from catching during sliding moves.

The tail features sufficient width and area foefficient pop in light winds.

At the same time, the tail is not too big for explosive pop when the wind picks up.

The noticeable curve in the outline and centred volume distribution brings the swing weight close to the mast base. Rotations happen a lot quicker and moves become more radical.

Towards the tail we run a defined tuck line in combination with a rather flat V bottom shape. These features create instant power, fantastic grip and a loose ride.

The fin is big enough to support alpowerful moves and faster action.

The JP Freestyle boards accelerate superbly for powerful jumps. Their short, compact shapes enhance the handling in all moves and speed up all rotations.

The lively and direct feel builds confidence so that amateurs and pros alike will pull-off more moves in greater style.

And the Foil -Powerbox widens the range of use.




> Full-on freestyle contest boards with competitive fin
> Built for explosive pop and super-fast rotations
> Carbon Innegra
> Parabolic rails
> Foil approved fin box
> Footstrap with scale for easy adjustment to foot size and 4 screw fixation
> Double footstrap plugs



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