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Note: Out of stock until early-July with new version SUP/WS Crossover Inflatable/Touring - online exclusive At 34” wide and 6” thick, the Glide 12’0” is the ultimate user-friendly board for smooth-gliding...

Note: Out of stock until early-July with new version

SUP/WS Crossover Inflatable/Touring - online exclusive

At 34” wide and 6” thick, the Glide 12’0” is the ultimate user-friendly board for smooth-gliding SUP performance and windsurfing. Ideal for beginners on sup, this super stable board combats fatigue, helping riders spend less time focusing on balance and more time enjoying the sights.

The Glide 12’0” Crossover has a M8 universal insert which adds versatility, allowing riders to attach a windsurf sail and harness light to moderate winds. Twin fins combined with a slide-in centre fin provide exceptional lateral (upwind) performance when used for windsurfing, making it a great versatile crossover and entry-level windsurf board. 

The Naish Glide range provides great glide and speed for those paddlers who want to extend their casual SUP sessions further on the water. Enhanced performance is guaranteed with fast and effortless paddling from the board, whilst remaining super stable and easy to use. 

Hydroslick edges on the tail rail reduce wasted energy creating a clean water release from the tail of the board and maximising glide and efficiency of each stroke. Additional handles in the nose make getting in and out of the water on slippery banks or deeper water easier than ever. The double density deckpad provides a soft, comfortable surface to get on and off the board, while providing a secure grip when standing and riding.


Ideal for riders up to 230 lbs/104 kg

Length - 12'0

Width - 34"

Thickness - 6" 

Volume - 319


  • High Pressure Rated = Superior stiffness
  • Fusion Dropstitch 
  • Hydroslick Edges
  • US Fin Boxes = More fin options + tool-less fin installation
  • Twin Fins + Center Fin 
  • Double Layer Rails = Greater durability + longevity + added stiffness
  • Windsurf Mast Insert = Flushed design that eliminates the extra bump on the deck of the board


Standard Stiffness Rating - Naish test the stiffness of their boards against the rest in the industry; Naish's boards have consistently scored higher against other top SUP brands. 

This test involves placing 132 lbs in the centre of the board while sitting on two stands 9 feet apart. The amount of flex along the board is comapred tot he amount of weight to give us the stiffness score. 

Why is stiffness so important? 

Stiffer is Better. A stiffer board moves more efficiently through the water when you paddle as more of the energy you use propels the board forward, rather than being absorbed by the board, resulting in an easier and more stable SUP session for you. FUSION material therefore is used to achieve the stiffest top and bottom skin possible in compression and extension of the board. The gap between composite and inflatable SUP boards is then brought closer than ever before.  

  • Fusion Dropstitch = Stiff + durable + light. A layer of solid polymer is fused to the dropstitch material as it is being made. This allows for a stiffer, more durable material that saves around 2kg of weight per board, helping ensure they are as rigid for the paddler as possible.

  • Double Layer Rails = Great durability + longevity + added stiffness

  • Hydroslick Edges = Creates clean water release in the tail for improved efficiency


INCLUDED: 3x 10.0 slide-in fin (tool less), inflatable bag, dual flow pump, board, repair kit



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