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NOTE: This is a 2021 product so please call to check availability   OPTIMISED FOR FOILING - FREERACE FOIL SAIL   Welcoming your new favourite foil sail, if you carve for...

NOTE: This is a 2021 product so please call to check availability




Welcoming your new favourite foil sail, if you carve for speed just as much as for controllability. Our Designer Robert Stroj captured the core attributes of this sail fittingly in three words:
Fast, Light, Easy. 
This sail truly is inspired by our top notch foil racing sail, the Flight Evo II. 

This high aspect ratio design foil sail has a racy set up, coming with 6 battens and 2 cambers and a large foot, fitting perfectly to the board and foil set up. As the name already indicates, it is the foil version of our speedy V8, the favourite sail for all freeriders. 

This sail impresses with a very lightweight thanks to smaller cambers and controllable design, the main difference to a full on racing sail that requires more time in rigging and tuning - not with the V8 foil, it is set up in no time, meaning you make maximum use of your time in the water. 

Lift is created by the leading edge. On a high aspect sail, the leading edge is much longer relative to the sail size and this extra lift creates a more efficient sail for the rider. One of the major drag components is the tip vortex. On a high aspect ratio sail this is relatively less compared to the overall sail size, hence the effect is minimised. 

It is the perfect sail to use with race foil, such as the Flight AL or Flight F4 EVO, or even with the slightly more recreational Glide Wind - either wat, it won't let you down. 

> High performance and light handling: combination of high performance and light handling due to 6 batten/ 2 intercam concept

> High aspect ratio design: racing foil inspired high aspect outline with large foot provides high foiling speeds in easy to handle package

> Smaller sizes: tighter leech compared to freeride sails generate very good low end power and up-wind angle making it possible to use smaller sails than for conventional freeriding

> Easy lift: forward oriented profile with flat backhand section provides lots of lift combined with good control in gusts


Component sleeve construction - 

Combining different materials in the sleeve sections allows us to achieve optimum profile entry stability and elasticity, smooth rotation and light weight. 

By removing any stitching that could come in contact with the mast we created a seamless leading edge. This increases precision during the assembly process, reducing weight at the leading edge and creating a perfectly clean profile entry to eliminate construction weak spots. 

Lightweight Tetoron TM Upper-front section offers the necessary elasticity and durability to resist direct mast contact. 

A low stretch Dyneema TM Armour Web section can take high downhaul tension and is critical in stabilising the profile entry, providing smooth bridging between UltraCams. 

A tapered strip of Tetoron TM along the back edge of the sleeve where it connects to the sail body is used to provide the necessary elasticity in this area together with improved durability. 

The bottom part of the sleeve is finished in our durable and elastic Luff Glide material allowing for important smooth rotation. 



>Integra cams: new integra-cam RDM specific sizes now allow for direct conversion between RDM and SDM mast; RDM cams feature extended body length to compensate the less sleeve space take by RDM mast and keep all the cam pressure correct despite the smaller mast diameter. 

> Airflow batten layout: angled batten design for streamlined airflow

> Dual boom length compact clew: has been slightly improved and redesigned to avoid contact of sail edge body with the boom. Outer and inner clew position straight alignment. Retains same clew height and boom to mast rake on both clew position, reduces weight and prevents rear part of the foot touching the water when jibing. 

> Loopsters: allowing easy rigging through loop to loop system and optimised outhaul function that reduces the friction and eliminates any crossing lines (crucial when using adjustable outhaul system)

> Batcams: batten tensioner system allowing precise tuning and secured positive locking without the need for tools

> Kevlar batten bridges: to distribute the high downhaul load crossing the battens

> Aerodynamic boom cutout closure: prevents the apparent wind from blowing into the mast sleeve and generating drag

> Batten chafe protection: abrasion resistant PU print to help protect the battens from damage caused by rigging or boom contact


5.0 432 160/166 32/2 3.95 6 2 400RDM 430 RDM/SDM Fixed Head
6.0 462 174/180 32/2 4.25 6 2 430SDM 460 SDM/RDM, 430RDM Fixed Head
7.0 492 188/194 32/2 4.55 6 2 460SDM 490SDM, 460RDM Fixed Head
8.0 521 202/208 32/2 4.9 6 2 490SDM 520SDM Fixed Head


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