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NOTE: stock is not live - please call to double check before purchase



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GLIDE WIND is our friendly, easy-cruising and carving foil, also suitable for wave riding and basic freestyle moves. Ever dreamed about foiling but felt that it might be too dangerous or difficult? GLIDE WIND is the perfect tool to get you into foiling.
The lowest possible speed is required to take-off allowing first time foilers to feel safe and comfortable. This all-round foil focuses on extreme stability and early flying. It is designed with round edges on the wings for safety, and has been engineered to prevent catapults and to allow soft landings.

GLIDE WIND creates foilers.

**Connection base sold separately - Please choose a base depending on your sport and board of choice.**


The new HP Wings offer a good balance of efficiency and high speed stability. The wings get progressively higher aspect as the size increases to keep takeoff manageable and reduce drag on the larger wings for a better speed range and higher efficiency. 



> 11 - light or skilled riders, waist high+. Good for high speed winging, kiting, high performance surfing, tow in. Sportive foil for windsurfing. Good speed and manoeuvrability at still early lift. 

> 13 - average weight and intermediate+ riders, waist high to a little overhead. Good for winging, very experienced or light riders downwind, high performance surfing. Playful foil for windsurfing. Early lift and ease of use for beginners. Little higher aspect compared to the S version to keep the takeoff manageable and reduce drag. 

> 15 - average to heavier riders, early intermediate, knee to head high waves. Good for winging, connecting waves surfing, experienced downwind riders. 

> 19 - average to heavy riders, early intermediate to advanced, flat water to shoulder high waves. Good for winging, downwind, flatwater pump.



The new modular foil system allows to interchange all wings, heads, masts and fuselages between the Glide Surf & Glide Wind range and even the mast and head of the Flight FR are compatible. 

This offers maximum flexibility - whether you want to use the foils on different boards and fin boxes or change from windsurfing and wingfoiling to surfing or suping. 

Plus, all parts are clearly colour coded, so you can see on first sight which ones to mount. 

Neilpryde Modular Foil System - Poole Harbour Watersports



New CNC reinforced base construction. Two deep titanium vertical tube connections to the mast for maximum strength, eliminating movement and offering perfect load transfer. Avoids vibration around the upper attachment area. 
Choose your base system depending on your sport. 



All foils are supplied with a T-40 torx drive, and come with titanium plated stainless steel bolts for maximum strength to weight ratio, preventing any corrosion problems. 



Perfectly blended wing to CNC machined fuselage connection and integrated wind saddle providing minimum drag. Volume and weight of the aluminium used in the fuselage is reduced by eliminating the forward protruding nose. 



80cm aluminium mast. Optimized structure with two CNC female base system inserts ensuring maximum strength. 
Hollow construction to reduce weight combined with x3 vertical cross-ribs for maximum stiffness. Sanded mast trailing edge to avoid planning turbulence noise. Tempered, salt water corrosion resistant 6061-T6 aluminium. 



GLIDE wings are made of pre-preg carbon layup with inner foam construction for maximum durability to weight ratio. This setup creates a natural tendency to roll into turns maintaining a nice balance during your ride. 
The front wing is designed with a pronounced rounded "angle of attack" and an elliptical bend shape. While flying, this thick leading edge on the front wing naturally closes the radius of your turn, tightening it. Far back, the angled down tail wings maintain a self-stabilizing roll allowing an easy turning performance. 
During this momentum, the GLIDE tail wing always come back to a flat position, stabilizing the turn. 

NP Glide Wind Modular Wings - Poole Harbour Watersports



GLIDE HP is a fully modular system so you can expand your foil setup by simply adding new wings. Glide HP now offers a range of front wings from 1100cc all the way to 2300cc to cater for every level and size of foiler. Glide Wind comes with a longer fuselage and 80cm mast for windsurf foiling and Glide Surf comes with a shorter, more manoeuvrable fuselage and a shorter, 70cm mast to be able to access shallower breaks. 



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