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  NOTE: 2020 Fox 2 with nose bumper now discounted! check out 2021 model    Designed to take freeride to the next level, the Fox allows you to blast full...


NOTE: 2020 Fox 2 with nose bumper now discounted! check out 2021 model


Designed to take freeride to the next level, the Fox allows you to blast full speed through the choppiest water you can find.

Continuous rocker, reduced tail width and extreme Vee provide unique levels of control. Bonus is the best gybe in the business.

Don’t let the comfort deceive you – in real world conditions the Fox delivers unmatched high performance fun.



FOX 95

The Fox 95 has the dimensions for versatility. Fast rocker and outboard footstraps for high speed blasting. The narrow tail, pronounced vee work with the inboard footstrap positions to cover any bump and jump or FSW needs. Excels in open ocean, big swell, choppy water and high wind conditions with multiple tuning options.


FOX 105

The 105 Fox is a very all-round board with a broad wind range for all water conditions. Handles rough open ocean conditions with ease. Performance combined with comfort. Deliver full expectations of speed on flat water with fast exit speed from gybes.


FOX 120

Go anywhere style of board that maintains top speed, control and performance gybing in all water conditions. Easily accessible performance.


FOX 140

High performance board for maximizing potential in lighter wind conditions without compromising speed or control. Easily accessible and really wide sweet spot range.



  • GYBING WITH STABILISERS: Bevels through front sections to keep the forward rails clear of the water in choppy conditions. Massively improves comfort, safety and gybing ability.
  • FAST ACCELERATION: Lowered entry angles for more efficient acceleration and less impact over chop.
  • INCREASED STABILITY: Parallel outline reduces drag and increases stability.
  • REDUCED FATIGUE: Optimised deck angles and ramped deck pads maximises comfort and ensures correct foot angles for reduced fatigue.
  • OPTIMAL CONTROL - Pronounced panel V through tail sections for optimal control and superb gybing.
  • CMC - Overbuilt to withstand heavy use through choppy conditions. We use a higher density sandwich layer combined with internal T-stringers to prevent rocker deformation under continuous impacts. The deck also uses a higher density sandwich and has an added bamboo layer to reduce any softening between the footstraps. Pre-laminated carbon rails are key to adding enough stiffness for responsive performance, but allowing more flexible fibreglass laminates to be used on the deck and underside to avoid a harsh ride through rough water. An added benefit of the pre-laminated carbon rails is it maintains heel integrity by vertically reinforcing that area under the heels. The susceptible nose and tail sections are massively reinforced with carbon.
  • HEX 4 - 

    A single tool does everything.

    1. Batten tension adjustment.
    2. Fin screws (both SlotBox and PowerBox).
    3. Footstrap installation.
    4. Beer opener.

    The HEX4 tool is supplied with every sail and every board. Compared to a Philips screwdriver, the 4mm hex key is a much easier system to tighten and adjust footstraps and fins. It only requires a rotational movement rather than downforce + rotation. The wide boomerang gives enough leverage to fully tighten footstraps with a fraction of the effort of a Philips screwdriver.


    Rather than just matching an existing fin to a board, each F-Series fin is customised to the exact Fox board it’s designed for. Rake angles increase as board size decreases to maintain control as conditions get more extreme. Surface area, base chord length and profiles are selected for each individual fin in order to maximise the performance of the complete unit.

    G10 is the material of choice due to it’s consistency and durability. The fin’s outline is designed to make the most out of this G10 material – twist is minimized with the narrow tip, and flex is controlled with the chord lengths.




 SIZES 95/ 105/ 120/ 140


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