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  NOTE: This is a 2020 product so please call to check stock.     If you love sending it down the line, smashing through lips, launching off liquid mountains...


NOTE: This is a 2020 product so please call to check stock. 


If you love sending it down the line, smashing through lips, launching off liquid mountains and

carving through bowls at full throttle then you’ll know exactly what the Mako is all about.

Traditional outlines combined with modern design features give a fresh new take on the classic waveboard. Reduced widths and a pronounced hip between the feet recreate the parallel rail effect for efficiency, acceleration and drive.

Versatile enough for use in a wide range of conditions, the Mako can be ridden as quad for down the line S-turns or alternatively as a thruster for cross-onshore drive and upwind ability.

With its geometry focused on control and stability this board gives you the confidence to step up your wave game. A wider foot spacing and increased span between mast base and footstraps gives a very solid stance from which to power into any move.

Refined rails, reduced tail area and performance rocker mean that the Mako is the real deal.




  • PROGRESSIVE RAIL DESIGN: The full, surf rails through the front section of the board allow the rail to be fully engaged without risk of tripping. Progressing into a refined release edge through the tail for grip and speed.
  • REFINED BOTTOM SHAPE: Single concave through the mid section adds acceleration and stability, then blends into V through the tail for release through turns.
  • SURF OUTLINE: The traditional surf style outline has been straightened up through the mid sections to create parallel rails to decrease drag and increase stability and control. Then flowing into a pinned out squash tail for grip and reliability through turns.
  • AGGRESSIVE ROCKER LINE: Continuous rocker throughout has been tuned together with the outline and bottom contours to enhance turning ability without sacrificing speed.
  • OPTIMAL CONTROL - Pronounced panel V through tail sections for optimal control and superb gybing.
  • CMC - Compression Molded Technology

    The idea behind us building boards is simply to produce a better board. Better is partly design, but also construction. Most windsurf boards in the world are made in the one factory with limited options for how the boards are put together. Sure, there's vast differences in layups and material specs but the basic way the boards are built is the same. For us, we see the first step in revolutionising board construction is to step outside that box. This allows us to experiment and develop different ways to build a better board.

    With IQC we are building boards very differently: high pressure compression molding produces quite different strength to weight ratios and more accurate, consistent shapes. Oversized EPS blanks apply pressure on the inside of the laminate whilst heavy concrete molds compress the outside to the exact shape of the master. There are no partially closed molds, or re-finishing differences. Strong, accurate and consistent. A better board.

  • The Quad set up delivers a responsive surf feel with grip and drive for faster down the line conditions.
  • The thruster fin set up gives enhanced upwind ability and efficient speed and acceleration for both jumping and wave riding.




 SIZES 74/ 79/ 84/ 91


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