Note: this is a 2021 product and there may be a preorder - please call if you wish to check   THE WATERMAN GO PACKAGE SUP and WINDSURF in ONE...




Note: this is a 2021 product and there may be a preorder - please call if you wish to check





Each SUP Windsurfing board evolves from a popular Starboard paddleboard shape, with the addition of a mast track for plug and play windsurf and simplicity. Starboard's innovative, lightweight side-biter fins give the boards directional traction. A great choice for sharing windsurfing and paddleboarding with friends and family.

An attractively priced grab-and-go package for windsurfing and paddle boarding in one. The board is great for flatwater paddling, open-ocean paddling and light wind windsurfing up to semi-planing. The glide and overall windsurfing sensation is impressive and confidence inspiring as this board had extra nose lift ti maximise performance. The rig has a  durable compact sail with a four-piece compact mast. Supplied with 

Board: GO11’2 x 32

Sail: SUP Windsurfing Classic 5.5

Paddle: ether a 3pcs Tufskin or windtek alloy paddle.  


The SUP Windsurfing GO model has a very low rocker line and a deep mono-concave channel along the bottom to maximise water length, glide and stability.

2020 SUP Windsurfers no longer have centre fins. We've replaced them with over-sized biter fins that give the same traction as the centre fin with the added advantage of reduced weight, easier carrying, easier storage, a cleaner and nicer SUP experience. For those pushing the SUP Windsurfers into stronger winds, they greatly improve handling and control as you gain more speed.



  • Deep centre channel - creates a stable platform for unmatched balance. It's really the catamaran concept with volume further out from the middle enhancing stability while windsurfing. The effect creates a flatter middle rocker for the most efficient and long-lasting glide while you're paddling. The inspiration was taken from the award-winning Starboard SUP Allstar race boards, where the channels considerably increased the stability.
  • Wide tail and nose - entirely smooth and balanced trim for efficient paddling over distance. You can step back for a snap turn or count on the nose area for added stability or chop.
  • Boxy rails - increases stability of the board and limits water flowing onto the deck, keeping feet and gear dry, essential while both paddling and windsurfing, in cooler conditions.
  • Flat standing area - extra comfort when paddling and light-wind windsurfing. The flat standing area together with the deep concave also brings great possibilities for SUP Yoga.


SUP Windsurfing Sails:

Light, powerful and designed specifically for inflatable windsurfing and paddleboards. An excellent choice for entry level windsurfers because of its versatility and durability.


ASAP Technology: As Strong As Possible. Full deck EVA pad with 4mm squared-grooved traction on the rear two-thirds of the board. They also feature high-density thermo-formed EVA rails for impact resistance and user-friendliness.

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