NOTE: 2021 product so please get in contact for specific availability - stock is not live and in high demand   iGo and Touring Tikhine Inflatable - Art you can...




  NOTE: 2021 product so please get in contact for specific availability - stock is not live and in high demand


iGo and Touring Tikhine Inflatable - Art you can ride

Tikhine Inflatables are built light and include a built in shoulder carry strap, making it effortless to carry the board to the water. 

The board's carry handle is flat, well suited for yoga exercises and relaxing poses. And it offers the possibility to attach your paddle when not using it. 


iGO Inflatable - It's time to GO

> The new wider tails allow fast and stable step back turns in no time with full control.

> A correct paddle technique is possible thanks to the straight outlines that result in a narrower design

> Our leanest construction, the ZEN, is now produced in two variations, single and double chamber. This upgrades our prices point boards to a remarkable stiffness and higher safety level.  

Package includes board, pump, a paddle, leash, bag and repair kit.


> Straight outlines help to keep the paddle closer to the board, improving tracking, trim and speed. 
> Wider tails for easier and faster turning, wider noses for extra stability
> Fun glide for cruising, stable shapes for all, easy to manoeuvre. 
> Different sizes and constructions for all rider types and expectations. 


Touring Inflatable - Pioneer Everywhere

> It's an explorer's favourite transportation. Ideal for short or long distances, flat or small chop, the Touring makes the journey possible!

> New Touring S and L outlines introduce a new sport design, meant for fast cruising and for smaller, lighter paddlers; as well as a wider, more robust design for bigger paddlers and those carrying heavy equipment. 

> The welding technology makes the board stronger and last longer. 


> Straight and narrow outline makes for a fast and smooth glide
> Wider nose and squarer tail compensate the volume mid section, providing a great balance of stability, trim and glide
> Shoulder carry strap now closer to the rail, makes it easier and more comfortable to carry and allows you to attach your paddle when not in use
> The edge release technology reduces drag by creating a laminar flow behind the board. 

Package includes board, pump, paddle, leash, bag and repair kit.




12'6" x 30" : Touring : Suited for riders up to 110kg, 12'6" combines a balance of speed, stability and manoeuvrability. 

11'6" x 29" : Touring : Suited for riders up to 100kg, the 11'6" is lighter to carry and easier to turn. 

11'2" x 31+" : Incredibly fast outline, which also provides abundant stability. The + also stands for the squarer tail shape which makes turning incredibly easy. 

10'2" x 31" : This fun compact boards' wide tail makes it easy to stepback and make quick fun turns. 


TIKHINE DELUXE SC - Single chamber
Most advanced build method

> Woven dropstitch
> Extra stiff
> Welded
> Fusion
> Galvanized rails

The new woven dropstitch make the Deluxe Single Chamber a solid winner at a light weight. 
The Galvanized 2000D rails set the Deluxe Single Chamber further apart together with the breakthrough welded rail technology. 
Single fin option boards come with an ultra strong box and toolless fin.
To finish it all off, we introduce the new Tiki pump. 



If you would like to upgrade your paddle in this package, simply select a paddle from our range of SUP Paddles and once you checkout, a 15% discount will occur on your uprgaded paddle purchase. 

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