NOTE: 2021 product so please get in contact for specific availability - stock is not live and in high demand      iGO Inflatable - It's time to GO >...




  NOTE: 2021 product so please get in contact for specific availability - stock is not live and in high demand 



iGO Inflatable - It's time to GO

> The new wider tails allow fast and stable step back turns in no time with full control.

> A correct paddle technique is possible thanks to the straight outlines that result in a narrower design

> Our leanest construction, the ZEN, is now produced in two variations, single and double chamber. This upgrades our prices point boards to a remarkable stiffness and higher safety level.  

Package includes board, pump, a alloy paddle, leash, bag and repair kit.


Experience the Starboard difference even before entering the water, these lightweight paddle boards feature the trademark Starboard shoulder carry strap which allows you to effortlessly carry it to the water, with both hands free! Before you get on board, you can secure yourself with the included flat lightweight leash, paddle safely and comfortably knowing your board is a life raft. The Bungee straps at the nose are good for storing all sorts of dry bags or gear on your next big SUP adventure.

The iGO inflatable paddle boards are known for being steady, having good speed and being super easy to turn while stepping back onto the wide tail area. The board’s straight outline helps to paddle straight and you can paddle more strokes on one side before you need to swap over, which also helps comfort and even increases the overall speed. This is the perfect paddle board range option for first-time paddlers, families with pets and anyone who wants less fuss and more enjoyable water time anywhere.



> Straight outlines help to keep the paddle closer to the board, improving tracking, trim and speed. 
> Wider tails for easier and faster turning, wider noses for extra stability
> Fun glide for cruising, stable shapes for all, easy to manoeuvre. 
> Different sizes and constructions for all rider types and expectations. 


11’2″ x 31+″ iGO

Length: 11’2” / 340 cm

Width: 31+” / 79+ cm

Incredibly fast outline and provides abundant stability. The + also stands for the squarer tail shape which makes turning incredibly easy. Ideal for lighter riders up to 100kg.


10’8″ x 33″ iGO

Length: 10’8″ / 325 cm

Width: 33” / 84 cm

A popular entry-level size, perfect for schools and centers that want one board that does it all. Ideal for riders up to 120kg, this board is faster to turn than the longer sizes yet has more glide than the shorter size, all at an ultra-stable width.




Zen Construction is our leanest, lightest, value-oriented inflatable paddle board range – with the best core essentials.

Built with single layer LINEAR knitted dropstitch, heat welded rails, and 2000D galvanized rails, making it even stronger and stiffer than before. The single layer LINEAR knitted dropstitch was developed by Starboard in close cooperation with its supplier and is for Starboard use ONLY. The tool-less fin system is quick and easy to set up, now with a long and strong finbox.



If you would like to upgrade your paddle in this package, simply select a paddle from our range of SUP Paddles and once you checkout, a 15% discount will occur on your uprgaded paddle purchase. 

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