Note: Stock is not live and in high demand this season - please call before buying   THE FOIL FREERIDE - BOARD OF THE YEAR  Boards designed to fly at maximum...




Note: Stock is not live and in high demand this season - please call before buying



 Boards designed to fly at maximum reaching speeds with emphasis on control and performance.


 Starboard’s Foil Freerides have become our best-selling boards of the year. What makes them so popular? Their formula is simple: they are designed to fly at maximum reaching speeds with minimum fuss, emphasising performance and foil jibe with speed and total control. What’s more do you really need?  Available in two sizes: 125 and 150 liters.

The second generation performance freeride foil boards from Starboard are here. The outgoing 122 and 144 instantly became the benchmarks and bestsellers of the first generation of foil boards - now their new models benefit from the latest shape upgrades. 




  • Extra comfortable tail shapes add a feel of power and control under rider's feet. 
  • Wider tails add stability during flight and allows you to drive the board with more power. 
  • Shorter noses and mast track pulled back improve manoeuvrability and take-off ease, also reducing swing weight, creating a lighter flight feel.
  • Improved volume distribution for more stability during flight and when tacking and uphauling. 


BEST FOIL? Starboard Foil Freeride+, GT, GTR, GTR+, Race, Race+


Wood Sandwich - Designed with the lowest carbon footprint in mind, Starboard’s new Wood Sandwich technology is a full deck and bottom sandwich construction finished with a 0.6mm Australian pine wood bottom. A high-performance PVC sandwich core is used on the entire bottom and the deck’s tail areas for maximum stiffness, maximum durability and minimum weight. The deck is further reinforced with layers of uni-directional carbon and flax fibres for added strength and stiffness. Our most durable tech.

Starlite - The Freeride 2021 are available in the Starlite construction, a significant step up from the standard construction typically used in this price category: lighter weight, stiffer construction, tougher against impacts, and with a crisper, more high- performance feel on the water. It uses 0.6mm Australian pine wood with glass fibers to combine premium technology and a quality finish in a value package.


125 150
Length 210cm 210cm
Width 76cm 85cm 
Weight Wood 7.78kg 8.7kg
Weight Starlite 9.5kg 10.4kg
Fin box foil box foil box


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