NOTE: stock is currently not live and in high demand - please call if you are interested   THE GENERATION:  AHEAD OF THE REST   The Generation plays in 3 worlds; touring,...




NOTE: stock is currently not live and in high demand - please call if you are interested





The Generation plays in 3 worlds; touring, racing and surfing. 

Available in the lightest and fastest Carbon Top and the best value Lite Tech construction. Being 12'6" qualifies for race regulations for most events around the world. 




  • The wide outline makes it a comfortable board for touring, the race inspired bottom shape has proven the fastest glide, and the curved rocker and rail shape makes it a surfing star. 
  • The Generation shares the race genetics of the 020 All Star and Ace, using the same round V with double concave bottom shape. 


The Generation can be described best as a touring, surfing and racing crossbreed. It is designed to be a simple choice for every condition. The tail is refined to be sharp and equipped with thruster fin boxes. This means that the Generation will perform well in surf and ocean swells. 

>The Generation also has accessories like bungee tie downs to secure touring equipment and a carry handle for easy carrying. 

>Designed for the paddle surfers, explorers, racers and all round SUP enthusiasts. Available in two sizes. 



> Designed after popular demand, the new 14'0" is the bigger brother of the 12'6", offering a faster overall top speed. 

The 14'0" has a narrower tail outline to help:

  • Create a smooth and efficient release with little turbulence and wash
  • Increases glide and acceleration due to less drag
  • Responsive when stepping back on the tail to turn on the wave and for buoy turns. 

The extra length glides for longer and reaches faster top speeds, ideal for racing and cruising. 
The stability is increased due to the additional volume and float, capable to carry more cargo and heavier riders up to 100kg. 
In downwind, the 14'0" is quite competitive with the All Star 28", catching bumps easily and being extremely comfortable to trim and stay on the bumps. 


How to choose between the 14’0” and 12’6”?

  • The new 14’0” is the best option for riders that want faster top speeds for racing and paddling longer distances when touring.  
  • The 12’6” remains the more maneuverable option, easier and faster to turn in the surf and nimble for lighter.

The Generation is aimed to be an easy surfing, race/touring board for everybody and anybody. This board has elements of many of my favourite boards in the Starboard range. It reminds me of the Starboard Longboard when surfing - the thin and sharp tail is very user friendly when turning in the surf - the All Star when racing in all water conditions and the Touring when it comes to stability and user-friendliness. We have chosen the 5.5 side fins and a 230 centre fin as it worked the best when carving it up in the surf and is the most stable option. 

Features that you will love in the new Generation include the flat deck. It's a simple and elegant design that is perfect for somebody getting into racing, wanting an easy surfing 12'6", or just for general cruising. The nose is a blend between a longboard, touring board and one of our Pro style and I haven't come across a race/ touring board that surfs as well as this.       - Trevor Tunnington


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