Note: stock is not live and in high demand - please call before buying   THE HYPER FOIL:  “SUP DEDICATED TO FOIL” Dedicated SUP foil board offering maximum performance for...




Note: stock is not live and in high demand - please call before buying




Dedicated SUP foil board offering maximum performance for foil surf, wing and foil down winding. 

The combination of a short compact outline, distinct channel bottom and thick profile makes it a platform for entry-levels learning to foil up to the world’s most progressive riders.

Recessed tray increases stability, while the EVA ridge helps to always be in position when up and foiling. 

Nose outline, rocker line and rail shape all upgrade the foiling performance.




  • All new shorter size range from 5'11" to 7'2" makes it easier to manoeuvre and control when flying, yet retains the stability needed to get into waves early. 
  • The new rounded nose outline makes the Hyper Foil more dynamic and manoeuvrable. Better turning ability and less swing weight means tighter turns and flying on the foil for longer. 
  • The rocker has a flatter section, making the foil box angle 90 degrees for an absolutely level and controlled flying experience. 
  • The new boxy rails maximizes the volume of the outline, thus creating the essential flotation and stability when paddling a shorter board.
  • Straight outline optimizes the volume and stability to ride a short board that is compact and easy to control when flying.
  • Channeled bottom increases the tracking and control, which is crucial when paddling shorter boards. The channels help reduce the wetted surface area to maintain speed on touch downs and releases earlier when getting up. 
  • New Blue Carbon construction is lighter than ever, with a full wrap of both UD Carbon and Biaxial carbon, it is easier to pump and stay flying for longer.  




7'2" x 30"

> Ultra stable board that serves dual purpose: a winner for those learning the ropes of foiling and need a stable and wide platform, yet a high-performance and progressive board for heavier riders. 
> Being the longest in the range, the extra length makes it easier to catch waves with speed, making it easier to get up with less pressure required to get the lift. 
> The 30" width combined with the straight outline and boxy rails gives plenty of volume for heavier riders and gives it the most lift to get flying. 
> The 7'2" although the biggest in the range, doesn't feel like it. This board was a big surprise how smooth and compact it felt when flying. It was ripping top to bottom and bounced back from touch downs with ease. 


6'8" x 27.5" - 

> Mid-size in the range, the new shorter 6'8" replaces the previous 7'2", making it easier to trim and manoeuvrable without the nose catching through turns.
> The longer length of the 6'8" makes it easier to paddle into waves with speed which helps to get up foiling quickly. It is also faster to paddle back out to catch more waves. 
> The 6'8" will likely be the most popular model for those wanting a short board under 7ft, yet with the stability and float to make those foiling sessions last longer. 
> The boxy rails widen the deck, making a 27.5" feel like a much wider board. 


6'4" x 25" - 

> The second smallest board in the range, the 6'4" feels arguably more stable than its predecessor due to the boxy rails widening the deck for maximum stability. 
> Short length makes it possible to control the board and is more manoeuvrable for pumping and sharp turning. 
> The 25" width combined with the full nose outline and thick rails makes it possible to drop down in size yet maintain stability for heavier riders. 
> Super stable and ultra-manoeuvrable in a short compact size. 


5'11" x 24" - 

> Being the shortest and narrowest in the range, the new 5'11" is designed for higher skilled and lighter riders. 
> The short length makes it easier to trim and pump the board, giving more control and manoeuvrability. 
> Narrowest width makes it possible to do more radical and progressive turns without the rails hitting the water and slowing you down. 
> Shorter length and lighter weight is easier to pump foiling on flat-water and when connecting to waves or pumping back out to the line-up. 




The Hyper Foil comes in three constructions - 






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