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Note: stock is not live and in high demand - please call before buying  Our most popular inflatable paddle board range, just jump on board and start paddling. Experience the Starboard...

Note: stock is not live and in high demand - please call before buying 

Our most popular inflatable paddle board range, just jump on board and start paddling.

Experience the Starboard difference even before entering the water, these lightweight paddle boards feature the trademark Starboard shoulder carry strap which allows you to effortlessly carry it to the water, with both hands free!

Before you get on board, you can secure yourself with the included flat lightweight leash, paddle safely and comfortably knowing your board is a life raft. The bungee straps at the nose are good for storing all sort of dry bags or gear on your next big SUP adventure.


The iGO boards are known to be steady, having good speed and being super easy to turn while stepping back onto the wide tail area. The board’s straight outline helps to paddle straight and you can paddle more strokes on one side before you need to swap over, which also helps comfort and even increases the overall speed.

This is the perfect paddle board range option for first-time paddlers,families with pets and anyone who wants less fuss and more enjoyable water time anywhere.

For those of us who appreciate Art, we have 2 amazing Tikhine Art options designed by renowed artist and world SUP racing champion, Sonni Honscheid. (built in Deluxe Single Chamber construction)



10’0″ X 33″ - 

Length: 10’0” / 305 cm

Width: 33” / 84 cm

This board is suited for riders up to 100kg, the 10’0″ is versatile for cruising, yoga, fitness and surfing small waves. The narrow straight outline makes it easy to hold the paddle close to the board, improving tracking & reducing the need to switch sides as often.



10’2″ X 31″

Length: 10’2″ / 310 cm

Width: 31″ / 79 cm

This fun compact board’s wide tail makes it easy to step back and make quick fun turns. The glide sensation of the very light hull makes it a top choice for riders below 90kg.


11’2″ X 32″ - 

Length: 11’2” / 340 cm

Width: 32” / 81 cm

The narrow width increases the glide and tracking for lighter riders up to 100kg. Wide tail is easier to turn and the straight outline improves tracking





    • NEW velcro loop to attach your paddle.

    • Easier to carry as the board simply hangs effortlessly on the shoulder and free up your hand to multi-task, hold your coffee, or phone.

    • When not in use, the bungee sits flat on the board so it doesn’t drag in the water.


    • Narrow midsection & wide tail makes for faster glide, more stability and easier to turn.

    • The shape also makes it easier to hold the paddle closer & vertical, which improves tracking and reduces the amount of times you have to switch the paddle from side to side when paddling.


    • A Bungee tie down in front of the board, for storing gear and supplies.

    • The bungee is attached with 4 D-rings which can be used to clip on your bags and gears.


    Is made discrete for extra comfort when doing Yoga, yet still easy to carry.


    • Fixed hose and manometer position when inflating.

    • 10% more efficient thanks to the redesigned piston and outside tube for the air outlet. Plus, double and single action pumping modes and wider removable foot base that increases stability when pumping.

    • The base and handle are made from upcycled fishing nets.


    • At only 70g, the leash is incredibly light and discrete so that it doesn’t interfere when paddling.

    • Soft cushioning means it will compress and flatten when stood on.

    • Easy to attach to the leash ring without needing any excess rope loop like on most other leashes.

    • The leash cuff is made of Yulex, a natural rubber with 80% less carbon footprint than normal neoprene.


    • The Tikhine boards come with Tikhine designed Re-Cover bag.

    • The ultra light Re-Cover bag is designed to minimize weight, yet maximize comfort and strength.

    • Tikhine Sun comes with pink strap and accessories.

    • Tikhine Wave and Ocean come with blue strap and accessories. 


DELUXE SINGLE CHAMBER - A solid winner in Wielding Technology

The new woven dropstitch makes the Deluxe a solid winner at a lightweight. The galvanized 2000 D rails together with the breakthrough welded rail technology set the Deluxe further apart from the rest.

Click here to find out more on the Starboard Deluxe Construction and 2020 Range


Please contact us via email or call 01202 700503 to find out more about 2020 stock

Package includes board, pump, paddle, leash, bag and repair kit.



If you would like to upgrade your paddle in this package, simply select a paddle from our range of SUP Paddles and once you checkout, a 15% discount will occur on your uprgaded paddle purchase. 

You can find everything you need to know about delivery and shipping by going to the 'delivery information' section under our terms and conditions

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