NOTE: stock is not yet live and in high demand - please call before buying. ONLINE EXCLUSIVE   STX Rocket Launch Platform-    Length : 200cm / 300cmWidth: 135cm / 200cmThickness:...




NOTE: stock is not yet live and in high demand - please call before buying. ONLINE EXCLUSIVE


STX Rocket Launch Platform- 


Length : 200cm / 300cm
Width: 135cm / 200cm
Thickness: 20cm
Volume: 540 / 1200 liters


  • Floating platform to be used as a launch platform, extend your boatdeck or use as a handy tool to clean your boat
  • Heavy Duty multiple D-rings on the deck and bottom to tie the platform to whatever you want
  • Comfortable and durable EVA deck
  • Super strong grab handles on the rails to move the platform around
  • 2 valves for easy inflate and deflate


FXL - Fusion Double Layer, X light construction. Exclusive to STX. 

Feather Light construction - the lightest inflatable boards on the market. Woven fabric weighs less. It prevents the material to stretch and holds more tension.

Stiff, stiff, stiffer - a stiff board transfers the power into speed, not into bending. Woven fabric weight stretches diagonal to hold more tension. Your STX board is one of the stiffest boards on the market. 

Double layer rails - STX boards are built to last. Double layer bottom and deck, double layer rails and the best components on the market today. 



  • HONEYGRIP - smooth, grippy, maximum comfort and strong 
  • CORE GRIP - stance area gripdeck with increased grip worked into the EVAl
  • High pressure valves. Up to 20psi, preferred 15psi
  • Double layer, fusion, deck and bottom
  • Premium air valves
  • Ergonomic neoprene grab handle


STX strive to make the sports that they are passionate about accessible for all. Premium quality products are sourced from the world’s leading suppliers; offering a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing range that caters to every level. Their range includes inflatable SUPs, packable windsurfing rigs, kids’ and school rigs, composite and alloy paddles, windsurfing masts, windsurfing booms and other great accessories. Their dedication has ensured continued, steady growth on every continent. STX, accessible for all. 

This is package price of the inflatable board, bag, pump, and repair kit. 


NEW FOR 2020 - The STX SUP range is no 30% lighter and 15% stiffer than 2019...

A great video to look at for the 2020 range:



If you would like to upgrade your paddle in this package, simply select a paddle from our range of SUP Paddles and once you checkout, a 15% discount will occur on your uprgaded paddle purchase. 

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