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How much wind for wing foiling?

Whether starting out or progressing in the sport of wing foiling, the wind strength determines when you should go out, and more specifically on what size kit!

As with any wind sports, if there is no wind, unfortunately it is a day for flat water paddleboarding instead…


How much wind for a wing foiling beginner?

If you are learning to wing foil, a good wind strength of 15-20 knots is ideal. With less wind than this, it will be more difficult to pick up speed and get up onto the foil, with more gustier or stronger wind speeds, it will be hard to control the wing and the board beneath you.

When you are starting out wing foiling, you will also be using certain size kit for you and the conditions that a beginner would learn in. As such, your kit is designed to be used within a certain wind range. A beginner in wing foiling will generally be using a 4-5m wing and on a foil that is around 1700-2200; these sizes are designed for maximum performance and comfort in wind speeds of 15-24 knots.

How much wind for wing foiling?


What size wing for the wind conditions?

AS we have just mentioned, the size of your wing will be designed for a general wind strength for maximum performance and ease of use.

Smaller wings are easier to handle and manoeuvre and used for when out in stronger winds as you don’t want to be overpowered when wing foiling and lack control. Smaller area and as such a shorter wingspan allows for easier movement when turning and visibility, whether that also be when riding waves too!

Largers wings are more practical for the opposite conditions, when the wind has dropped and you still want to go out wing foiling, grab a 6m or bigger to get more power through your wing and get you up on the foil easier and earlier. These bigger wings also have a larger windspan, and as such are more awkward to manoeuvre when turning, however as in lighter winds you can take it slower and practice.

These wings are not recommended for beginners for these reasons, and as such you get the most versatile wind range with the popular 4-5m.

See our graph below for general guidance on wind conditions for wing foiling –

How much wind for wing foiling? | Poole Harbour Watersports


What wind conditions for my size wing foil?

Similarly to your wing size, the front wing foil area determines the style and level of wing foiling. As a beginner you will be on a larger, thicker wing foil front wing (something around 1700-2200), these sizes are great in winds up to around 20knots. The larger area provides earlier and easier lift and a smoother rider. 

As it gets windier, you will find you will want to size down and be on a front wing that is smaller and has less drag through the water so you can pick up more speed (this also means you are progressing and getting better on the wing foil too). On these smaller wings (1100-1700) you can still go out in around 15-25knots, you will just have a faster and more responsive ride with the thinner tips, as such they are very popular when you are wanting more progression and even riding in waves. 

In general, the size of your wing foil is more dependent on your wing foiling ability and skill rather than the wind conditions explicitly. 


We hope you have found this helpful, if you have any other questions about wing foiling, please don’t hesitate to call 01202 700503, email or even pop into our shop at Sandbanks. Check out our wing foiling section. 

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