Low Aspect Vs High Aspect Foils

Foils have different aspect ratio which is the difference in wingspans and the chord length of the wing. To calculate wingspan / chord length = aspect ratio of wing.

There is two main types of aspects Low Aspect (Standard or jet) and High Aspect.

Low Aspect = chunky & round wings 

High Aspect = long & thin.

Low Aspect is known for high lift and rapid acceleration but only within a limited speed range. They have less glide which creates a minimal pumping effect encouraging for beginners to learn on. 

High Aspect have a slower acceleration but have a wider speed range. These foils are great for pumping and give off excellent glide even on waves! These also have sharp pivot turning. 

Many people starting out in the sport tend to learn more towards a Low Aspect (JET) foil, this is due to as said earlier they are more beginner friendly, often coming in larger sizes such as 1800-2000 these are not only good for heavier riders but also for people wanting to get up on the foil nice and quickly at a limited speed range. Naish JET foils have been found super popular this summer especially being accompanied into our £1800 package.  

Once you have progressed into the sport and start look to upgrade (downsize your foil and increase the wing surface area) this is where you may start to look  into high aspect foils...



In this table you can see the difference between the different aspect ratios. Helping you be able to visualise the different types of performing foils. In our next blog we will talk about what size foil you should go for and why!

Keep yours eyes posted for that one






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