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Whether getting started at wing foiling, or progressing with it, the kit that you use determines your predicted ability and with that comes the ease of use and functionality. The size kit you go out on can determine the conditions you go out in.

Let’s break down each component and help identify what size is right for you and your skill level.

What size wing foil kit do i need? - Poole Harbour Watersports


What size wing?

As a beginner we would recommend going for a size between a 4-5m2. This is due to this size being suitable for the best winds to learn wing foiling – 14-25 knots. This size is good for learning also due to the maneuverability for the rider on the water. To decide between a 4m2 or 5m2 would also depend on your size. Generally if you are above 70kg we would say go for the 5m2 to start, and below begin with the 4m2.

Along with other watersports, the size of your rig depends on the wind strength. The stronger the wind, the smaller the wing you will need as if it is too big you will be overpowered; and lighter winds will require a much larger size wing to get you going. Smaller wings are popular if you wish to progress into waves and bump&jump as the shorter wingspan is more maneuverable and easier to see with.

3m2 – 20-45 knots

4m2 – 14-30 knots

5m2 – 10-25 knots

6m2 – 8-18 knots

7m2 – 5-14 knots

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What size wing foil board?

If you are beginning on your wing foiling journey, then you will want a board that has got plenty of volume and will float when you are kneeling and standing on it prior to the foil lifting up. The common rule in the industry is that you want to have around 40litres more volume than your weight in kg – if you are 80kg then go for a board with 120L volume. The bigger boards allow you to feel comfortable and in control when up on the foil, you will be able to piece together the first key steps and skills in wing foiling a lot more quickly on a board that size.

When progressing in wing foiling, you can then choose to size down in volume so that you can get a more reactive and faster ride on the foil and go out in stronger wind conditions to challenge yourself. Intermediate wing foil riders will look for a board that is around 10litres more than their body weight in kg, or similar size. For example, Chris in the shop is around 75kg and rides an 80L board.

Those that are then into more wave riding on a wing foil, then may choose a volume board less than their weight and which sinks when they are floating in the water on it. These smaller boards are used in stronger winds and with smaller foils so that the speed picks up quickly and faster movements are made as there is less overall swing weight.

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Wing Foil Board Size - Poole Harbour Watersports

What size wing foil?

The foil size set-up you choose needs to correlate to the rest of your winging kit. With a larger volume board for starting out, you will also want larger wings on your foil to have more stability on the foil. 

When beginning, you want your foil to be stable, have good lift and gliding ability; you want to cruise around to get used to your foil and wing moving together. You will most likely be going out in light-moderate winds so that you can learn safely, and as such you want a larger front wing that isn't as fast and has earlier, smoother lift to get you up on the foil. Good wing sizes for this are around 1700-2200 cm2, varying slightly on your weight and previous experience. 

Until you are confident gybing and practicing manoeuvres on the foil, you will want a foil to stay on the sizes 2200-1700. From there, you will want your foil to become smaller so that you can gain more initial acceleration, speed and excellent turning capabilities. Progression sizes for most are between 1250-1650. 

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Beginner Wing Foil size - Poole Harbour Watersports


We hope you have found this helpful, if you have any other questions about beginner wing foiling or progression, please don’t hesitate to call 01202 700503, email info@pooleharbour.co.uk or even pop into our shop at Sandbanks.

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