2018 Severne Rig Review By Amber Hutchinson

We wanted to share this review written by our newest team rider Amber, we hope you enjoy and look forward to your comments.
Super excited about my new complete 2018 rig with the Blade, Enigma boom, Wave grenade mast extension and Gorilla RDM mast. Many thanks to Poole Harbour Watersports!
Enigma Boom is thin in diameter to aid grip and is super stiff and with a solid reliable mast clamp.
The mast extension, when setting my down haul, was easier to rig than previous extensions, possibly due to its straight alignment! The down haul rope once through the cleat has a channel to guide it through the wave grenade back up to the sail storage pouch without getting in the way of the u-jay (see picture) simple! But effective!
Really looking forward to trying it out as a complete Severne rig instead of mix and matching my kit!🤙🏼
-Amber Hutchinson
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