Foiling News Issue #4 - Foiling on a Starboard Go 155


Starboard foil and Starboard GO board

The question is : can you foil a go 155?

Well I tried it gusting northerly force 6 with 5.25 storm and starboard slalom foil set up. Evening Hill Poole Harbour

It went surprisingly well . The width of the board and strap positions was good it foiled pretty smoothly, you could feel the board was a little heavier than the standard but the Alloy freeride foil or something else with good lift would compensate for that well.You also have all that extra durability they build into the Go to rely on for those little prangs on the water.

So great - what else . Poole Harbour at high tide works fine and the good thing about going out from evening hill is you have the East Dorset Yacht club jetty as a marker for when to get off. I'd say get off when you reach the end of it and walk in from there - Obviously it depends on the exact state of the tide but as a rule of thumb...


Poole Harbour Watersports Wind Foiling


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