Things To Look Out For On A Poole Harbour Kayak Tour

If you’re visiting Poole over the summer, you won’t fail to be captivated by its golden sandy beaches. But just a short walk from the main strip of sand is another of Poole’s gems - its harbour.

This enclosed area of water is the largest natural harbour in Europe and is the perfect place to go on a kayak tour when you’re visiting Poole. Getting out on the water will give you a chance to appreciate this beautiful corner of Dorset in a new way.

So, if you’re going on a kayak tour in the harbour, what should you look out for? On the inland shores you’ll be able to see the town of Poole itself, which has a recent addition to the skyline that will only be there for May.

As part of the recent Poole Maritime Festival, a big wheel was erected on the quay and it’s clearly visible from the far side of the harbour. The Bournemouth Echo pointed out that it will still be up for the family-friendly Seven Seas Festival, which takes place between 19 and 21 May. 

Another highlight of any kayak tour in Poole Harbour is Brownsea Island, which is looked after by the National Trust. It’s famous for being the birthplace of the Scouting and Girl Guiding movements, but is also renowned for its wildlife, which includes peacocks and red squirrels.

If you paddle around Brownsea Island you may also be lucky enough to spot the outline of the iconic Corfe Castle over in the Purbecks.

There is so much more to see in Poole Harbour, from the varied bird life to the range of craft moored up in its shelter. Make sure exploring it is part of your break in Dorset.

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