How Long Do ISups Last?

What is the lifespan of my inflatable paddle board?...How many years will this last me till it breaks?...these are common questions we are asked here at Poole Harbour Watersports.

So what is the lifespan of an isup?

Longevity depends on a few different factors...if the board is good quality and maintained well it will easily last 5 years! Maintenance is key, like any else, if you take care of it it should last you! if not it will last 3 years or less. 



You always hear us talking about construction. Why? Well for a board to last it needs to have good construction or your stumped from the get go!

Isups are built using a dropstitch method, these threads allow for expansion when you inflate and become super tight - this is how the board becomes rigid to stand on! A layer or more of pvc is then added to stop the air from leaking out! They also have different types of seams to seal it all together - if you go for the higher quality (but more expensive) welded seam over glued seams, then you remove the glue which can be a risk factor of leaks, pops and wear over time in the sun!

Single layer, Dual layer and Fusion layers - boards made with multiple layers have a longer lifespan than those with only a single layer.   

Single Layer - entry level cheaper paddle boards use this method, these are made to keep the market cheaper and more accessible to everyone! Unfortunately it does mean that it is not as rigid making you wobble more in the water it is easier to puncture as well and over time will start to leak.

Fusion Layers - this is the mid range board, gives the customer extra stiffness with it being double layered and fused, but not super expensive! The boards construction is more durable!

Double Layers - normally set at the higher price market but you do get what you pay for! The most rigid construction, meaning you will feel more sturdy in the water!

The sun can also damage your board so if you have it within your budget, try get a board with a UV coating to protect it further.



So you have bought a board with a good construction, now its time to make sure you keep it when maintained to get the best lifespan of the board! We can not stress this enough, an ISUP's longevity will be significantly shorter if you don't look after it!


How do I look after it?

Clean your board after use! Always always ALWAYS wash your paddleboard after each session, especially if you have been using it in the ocean, salt, sand and other debris are can corrode the material and weaken the seams overtime! Cold/ luke warm water will be fine, you don't need to use anything fancy! Let the board completely dry before you pack it away as if it is put away damp there is a possibility of mould growing on the board! Mould is more damaging than you think, not only is it a pain to clean off it could actually weaken the rigidity of the board! When packing the board away don't roll the board too tightly as it is better for the seams to be rolled loosley. As mentioned earlier the sun can be quite brutal to paddle boards, so if you are not using the board please don't leave it out in the sun, it can cause the boards to burst!


How can I store my board?

You have 2 options, you can either pack the board away and store it in its bag, so it is always easy for transportation and doesn't take up too much space! Or you can leave it inflated, if you choose to store your board this way, you need to relieve the pressure every few weeks so it doesn't strain on the board too much, and leave it in a cool, dry place, out of sunlight. 


In Conclusion

Inflatable paddle boards last much longer than people think, especially one with a good construction that has been well maintained these board can between 5-8 years possibly even longer!  

If you have any further questions about your SUP please feel free to call 01202 700503 or pop in to speak to out paddle board experts!





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