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What to bring paddle boarding?

Now you are all kitted in the right sup clothing, you are probably thinking…what else do I need to bring? Paddle boarding can be quite a scary thing especially if it is your first time on the water, so making sure you have all the bits and pieces to keep safe and warm on the water is vital.

We have put together a checklist to help you remember all the important things to take with you!


If you aren't sure on what to wear paddleboarding, check out our blog, 'What to wear paddleboarding?'


Gloves are important to keep your hands warm on the water, especially if you are paddling on a slightly windier day. We recommend any 3mm thick neoprene gloves, our favourites are the C-Skins Session. They are good value for money and super warm.

Titanium 3mm Wetsuit Gloves with GBS seams - North Coast Wetsuits - NCW


On a paddle board you don’t want to wear shoes, but your feet might get cold so we recommend neoprene socks, these help keep the chill off your toes and give you good grip on the board.

Nookie Ti-Liner 2mm Neoprene Socks - Neoprene Socks


In the colder months if your head gets chilly neoprene beanies are a really good option to keep your head warm and the wind chill off, plus if you fall in, its waterproof unlike your standard fluffy beanies!



C-Skins 2mm Storm Chaser Surf Beanie – Watersports Warehouse


Always, always remember to wear a buoyancy aid, not only are these here to help save your life, they also keep you warm on the water too as they add an extra layer to your core! Also they are really useful for others to help you get on your board as the straps provide easy 'handles'.

SUP Buoyancy Aids for Stand Up Paddle Boarding


On the front of your paddle board you may notice some bungee, this is there so you can use it to store your drybag on your board so it wont fall off! Drybags are a great thing to invest your money in, not only do they keep your belongings dry but they can store a fair amount in there too! All the things you need on the water in fact!


Gadget bags are handy to have on the water. These allow you to bring your phone out on the water with you without the worry of it getting wet and breaking! Phones are handy to have with you on the water in case of an emergency or to take all those amazing sup selfies!

Waterproof Gadget Bag JOBE


On a hot day remember to bring your suncream! Water is reflective and being out on your board all day without protection could cause some serious sunburn! You can easily pop it in your Drybag!

LifeJacket Skin Protection® | SPF 50+ Sun Gel | Shop Now


Along with the topic of sun protection, remember a pair of polarised sunnies! You can even get floatable straps to wear with them now so they don’t sink if you drop them in the water! Making sure your sunnies are safe.



Finally you always want to remember a water bottle on the water, this can go in your drybag as well. It is so important to keep hydrated when out paddling, keeping your experience on the water enjoyable.

 Hydro Holder - Water Bottle Holder, Stand Up Paddle Board, VHF Radio. Deck  Storage Mount Accessories/Inflatable SUP/Kayak/Canoe/Sailing  Boat/Fishing/Surfing and Campervan Outdoors Adventure Gadget. : Sports & Outdoors


We hope this has helped your understanding a bit more on the right things to bring paddleboarding! If you are unsure or have any other questions, we are always happy to help on 01202 700503, LiveChat, or you can pop in store!

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