What are the benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding?

What are the benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding?

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a great water activity that not only gets everyone of all ages and skills out on the water, but also provides a great boost to anyone’s mental and physical well-being.

So if you’re looking to get outside more, or want to get fitter whilst being with nature, then stand up paddleboarding is your next thing to try.






As a safe, low-impact activity, this watersport has become increasingly popular as a super easy way to get out on the water and be fit. With its low intensity, many paddlers (novice to intermediate) end up staying out for longer on the water than other watersports, thus helping increase your cardio fitness and endurance when paddling at a steady pace that suits you.

Stand up paddleboarding works your whole body and multiple muscle groups at one time without putting additional stress onto those muscles and joints, therefore a better option for you and your body in the long run.

Your lower body is worked by acting as your stabilizer on the board. To remain balanced throughout, your knees will always be slightly bent to counteract and absorb any board movement. After a nice session out on the board, your quads will be feeling pumped and strong.

Making strokes with the paddle continually works your upper body. Puling the paddle towards you against the movement of water, particularly in a slight breeze, works your biceps, triceps and shoulders effortlessly.

The muscle group worked the most when stand up paddleboarding is our core and abdominal muscles. When paddling side to side in an upright standing position, you will work your obliques on each side (side abs) continually. Your core is also worked the whole time you are standing on the board as it will be working non-stop to keep you balanced! Over time, improving your balance through having a stronger core also reduces lower back pain.

Paddling in higher winds or going into the wind increases the force against you and makes paddleboarding a lot harder. However, this extra physical effort increases your heart rate and in turn improves your cardiovascular health and overall fitness. You will gain extraordinary long-term health benefits; elevating your heart rate and keeping it up on the water will help you burn calories, which in turn will help you lose weight, and reduce the risk of any cardiovascular illnesses. Stay in shape whist having fun and not having to go to a gym!



As well as exercise being great for you physically, the side that may be even more important and beneficial is the positive impact it has on your mental health.

Stand up paddleboarding can provide more benefits than just general exercise, due to the added bonus of being outdoors, surrounded by nature and water. Be calm and at peace on the water; leave your distractions, stress and anxieties behind when paddling, and breathe in the fresh air to clear your mind and focus on the nature around you.

When exercising and doing something you like, you will get increased levels of dopamine from the thrill and sense of accomplishment, improving your general mood and helping combat depressive and stressful thoughts.

Not only is the fresh air good for you mentally, but also the Vitamin D boost you can get from being outside can help increase your levels of serotonin and feelings of happiness! Combat low levels of serotonin in the winter especially by going out in the day on your board.


Stand Up Paddleboarding is a fantastic activity to get into because you can gain these mental and physical benefits all while having fun on the water, exploring new waters and socializing with friends at the same time! Unlike other sports and activities that you can start but not always commit to to see the benefits, stand up paddleboarding can become part of your sociable lifestyle, and the health benefits can come as a bonus!

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