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What to wear when Supping?

The market is so saturated now a days it can be a bit confusing trying to figure out what to wear paddleboarding. In this blog we are here to keep it simple for you guys and break it down!


When you are on the water you want something comfortable but still going to keep you warm for the time of year you are out on the water.  What we recommend to wear paddleboarding depends on the time of year it is when you are paddleboarding.

The main purpose of 'SUP clothing' is to keep you warm when stood on the board and after if you fall in! A big 'if' hopefully ;) !


So what are my SUP outfit options?!

You can sup (stand up paddleboard) all year round which means we have even come up with some options for you to wear in the winter paddleboarding!


What to wear paddleboarding in the winter:

Wetsuits are a perfect way to stay warm in the water and keep the wind chill of yourselves, meaning you can stay out on the water for as long as possible even if you fall in! What is great about a winter wetsuit is they have thermal layers to keep you super warm in case of a falling in accident!

We have 2 top favourite winter wetsuits we sell to customers that keep you super warm for a good budget here at the shop. The 5mm neoprene will work to keep you warm if you get wet and fall in the cold water in winter. A thin layer of water will remain between the neoprene and your skin to keep you warm while in the water.

For men we recommend the Prolimit Predator – it is a 5/3 wetsuit with thermal lining to give you that extra warm alongside 5mm neoprene.

For women we recommend the Epic 5/4 again it has thermal layers and is a super warm wetsuit at a good price!


What to wear paddleboarding in the summer:

Come summer months where it is still a bit chilly but not cold enough for a winter wetsuit we would recommend wearing a 3/2 summer suit, these always come in handy and not just for supping! A long wetsuit also keeps your knees protected on the board with additional padding if you are still kneeling whilst paddling. Our top favourites are the C – Skins Solace for women and the C-skins session for men!


Shorties are also a popular choice in the warmer period of the year, especially they are easy to get on and off! Keep the chill of you while you paddle, with it being a shortie you should have more movement in your arms making it easier to paddle longer distances!

We have found that last year a top seller for men was the O’Neill hammer shortie, the neoprene has 100% flex making it super stretchy to get on and also easy movement when on the water. For women, we recommend the prolimit fire sleeveless shorty which is a tank top half and shorts, meaning your arms are completely free unlike the traditional shortie style. Its great for getting a tan!;) and also again giving your arms more movement to really better your supping speed power and technique.


What to wear paddleboarding if you don't want a full wetsuit?

If getting in a wetsuit doesn’t sound appealing as it can be quite stressful for some, there are other options to keep you warm on the water! For starters, neoprene leggings! Who knew there was such a thing?! Prolimit do unisex leggings, they are very similar to your gym leggings, they are just made out of neoprene instead of nylon! These are super easy to get on 2mm thick so will keep you reasonably warm and a popular choice for convenience! As well as leggings they have neoprene mens and womens shorts too! Same kind of style to cycle shorts, these are perfect for the warmer summer months!

To pair with these, you have a few options…neoprene tops! These are the warmest option, for men we suggest the oneill reactor zip up neoprene top, again it makes it easy to get on and off and was by far our most popular purchase for customers last year!
For women we found that the prolimit fire zip up was more popular, it had a nicer shape to fit for women as sometimes oneill sized small. Thermal rash vest are always a good option, they are super stretchy and comfortable but keep you nice and warm! We have found O’neill is our most popular brand for these. Or you can just wear a normal rashvest in the summer months for sun protection!

Check out more tops and bottom pieces here!

Lastly but not least you can always just wear boardshorts or a bikini in the summer months!


We hope you have found this helpful, if you have any other questions about what to wear paddleboarding, please don’t hesitate to call 01202 700503, email info@pooleharbour.co.uk or even pop into our shop at Sandbanks.

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