4 Of The Best Windsurfing Hotspots Around The World

Once you know your way around a second hand windsurfing board and feel confident enough to strike out on your own, you can have all the fun of planning a watersports holiday so you can practice your newfound skills. Here are just some of the best places for windsurfing the world has to offer. Enjoy!

Dahab, Egypt

This should be high on your list of places to go as there’s always a good wind prevailing and the weather is usually particularly sailable. The region is also great for diving and the locals are chilled out and friendly – so holidays here are always magical.

El Médano

Head off to Tenerife and El Médano and you won’t be disappointed. This is an absolute paradise for wind and kite surfers, not least because the water temperatures mean you don’t have to wear a wetsuit if you don’t want to. Make your way there in summer, when the wind is at its strongest.


If you want to go further afield, head off to Maui in Hawaii for the trip of a lifetime! This is one of the very best windsurfing spots in the entire world and is also the perfect place to try out all sorts of other water and land-based activities, from hiking and biking to zip lining.


Fancy a trip to the US? Head to Baja in California for beautiful pristine beaches that are generally free from crowds. The strong sun and the warm water make this a strong contender for the best place to go for a bit of windsurfing, with peak season between November and March.

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