Starboard Evolution Foils: Why? And what does it mean?

Starboard Evolution Foils: Why? And what does it mean?

In 2022 Starboard are updating their windsurf foil range by improving the fuselage design. This means only new Evolution front wings will fit on the new Evolution fuselage. However previous windsurf model stabilisers and masts still fit the new Evolution Fuselages.

It is only the front of the Fuselage that is changing so only the front wing needs to change to fit it.


What has changed and been improved?


The Evolution fuselages remove the front bulb to enhance water flow, maximise front wing efficiency and reduce drag. Your foil cuts through water smoother, faster and effortlessly.

The new mini-bridge for the front wing saddle adds stiffness for more flight control

The tail wing saddle and the mast mounting sections remain unchanged, so tail wings and masts from the Original generation and the Plus generation remain compatible.


All front wings have been upgraded to fit the new Evolution fuselages.

Wing by wing, which sizes have updated shapes?

1000 Millennium Evolution

Same shape

900 Evolution

New shape with thinner tips

800 Evolution

New shape with thinner tips

725 Evolution

Same shape

650  Evolution

Same shape

575  Evolution

All-new wing, replacing the outgoing 550.

Freeride 1100 Evolution

Same shape

SuperFlyer 1300 Evolution

All-new wing, based on the E-Type 1300 wing foil

SuperCruiser 1700 Evolution

Same shape as the outgoing Wave 1700



NEW FOR 2022


New thinner foil profiles with thin, narrow wing tips and an extra-high aspect ratio: the SLR wings are designed for maximum GPS speeds and slalom foiling. 


560 SLR Evolution                Front Wing

460 SLR Evolution                Front Wing

390 SLR Evolution                Front Wing

210 SLR  Tail Wing

175 SLR  Tail Wing

*Upgrade items only. Available from April 2022


The Complete Evolution Foil Sets:









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