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Where to windsurf around Poole?

Spot guide map Poole

Beginner windsurfing

Whitely Lake/ Sandbanks

Our Watersports School is in the best location to learn to windsurf inside Poole Harbour. Whitely lake as some people call it (or inside sandbanks) is shallow and most the time produces calm conditions for beginners and intermediates to get to grips with windsurfing. This spot works best in any wind direction between South Westerly and North Westerly.

As mentioned, this spot is very shallow so great in case you fall of, just remember not to go too shallow and hit your fin/centreboard. Being so shallow it means the tide changes the nature of the sailing area a lot. At high tide the water comes all the way up to the walls of the bay, and low tide it can be quite a walk out. All tides are sail-able, and the pull isn’t particularly strong as it is shallow, however spring high tides can get quite choppy if it is windy and it is a long walk out on spring low tides.


Poole Harbour Blasting

The aforementioned whitely lake is a superb place for some freeride blasting. The same still stands that it can get quite choppy in 20+ knots and spring high tide as the waves seem to bounce of the sea walls. A however if it is neap tides you can blast all day. It is prefect for those perfecting their carve gybes because if you fall off you can stand up in most places and just beach to get going again!!!

Hamworthy Park.

Hamworthy park can be windsurfed if the wind is from south-east around to westerly. Allowing reaches from the park across to the other side of the harbour. It is deeper here, so you don’t ned to worry about your fin hitting the ground here as much. However, being deeper and there being a bottle neck between Hamworthy park and Arne the tide can be very strong here, so do check the tides and you do have to be an intermediate windsurfer or above.


Flat water- Freestyle or Slalom


If you’re looking for the flattest water to try new tricks or clock the fastest speed, Weymouth is not too far away. Portland Harbour is a large expanse of water which almost always has flat calm water in almost all wind directions. It is more exposed than poole harbour so often has a little more wind than Poole. Once again Portland harbour can be sailed in any tide, just might be a longer walk.


Bump & Jump/ Waves

Sandbanks (Sea side)

With a southerly or south/south-south-west wind the sea side of the sandbank’s peninsula offers some good small to medium bump and jump and wave riding conditions. A great place to progress and push yourself outside of the harbour. If the conditions are right, there are often a good few locals that will be windsurfing here who are friendly and happy to chat. 

Branksome Dene Chine

Branksome offers the same conditions as Sandbanks but is better if the wind is coming more from the south west. It is a small hidden car park but offers easy access to the sandy beach. Once again friendly locals are often there if the conditions are right.

There are lots of options for windsurfing around Poole, both inside and outside the harbour. We do highly recommend checking the weather, wind, and tides before going out to ensure the conditions are suitable. Poole harbour is quite shallow so the tides change the landscape quite drastically and has a few areas where the pull gets very strong, especially near the harbour mouth!!  Tides can be found online or to get the tide times further into the future we sell tide books in store or online which are a great investment if you regularly windsurf around Poole.

If you have any further questions about windsurf locations, conditions on a particular day or anything else Watersports related please don’t hesitate to call us on 01202 700503

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