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Christmas 2023 is approaching fast and I don't know about you but I am struggling this year to come up with some great stocking fillers for watersport enthusiasts...here at Poole Harbour we have come up with our top 10 recommendations! All under £40 too!

All are available as an online order or instore, so whether you live 5 minutes away or 500 miles away we can accomodate so we can get you sorted ready for Christmas.   

Top 10 Stocking Fillers!

1. C- Monsta Hanger -

This is any water sport lovers best friend. It keeps you from losing the odd boot or glove as they can always be left (even when dry!) on this hanger. Stop your wetsuit from hanging from the shoulders and stretching with this C-Monsta Hanger. Super sturdy and practical - it can be taken wherever you go out on the water! Our no 1 recommended gift.

C Monsta Hanger

2. Dryrobe Cushion Cover -

Perfect for any dryrobe owner! Whether they like to go camping or just want a tidy place to store their Dryrobes...cushion covers are a great gift. Not only can it turn into a super comfy pillow when a Dryrobe has been stuffed inside it, they can also be used as a clever piece of storage meaning that large coat that takes up an updance of space can be packed down neatly into a small cushion cover. Coming in 4 different colour choices, it is a great gift for any Dryrobe owner.



3. Bulldog Changing Mat

When you've come off the water, you want to pack up as smoothly as possible. The Bulldog changing mat is a game-changer for those who like going out on the water, it keeps your wetsuit and accessories free of sand and dirt and wraps it up in a waterproof bag too. Simply stand on the mat, take off your boots, gloves, hood, and wetsuit and leave it all on the clean mat. Once dressed, you can tighten the strings and it folds all your wet kit into a bag to take home and clean!

Perfect for those wanting to minimise added work of cleaning off all the little bits of sand or gravel when taking your wetsuit off! We love it and it's perfect for the Christmas stocking!

Bulldog Changing Mat - Poole Harbour Stocking Filler

4. C-Skins Storm Chaser Neo Beanie

This is a top seller as soon as the sun disappears! No matter the watersport, keeping your head warm is a must! This beanie by C Skins is our favourite one as it resembles your 'normal' beanie look so you can look effortlessly cool on and off the water! 

Even if you hope not to get your head wet, this beanie keeps it warm with the thermal lining, and if you do get wet on the water, the neoprene material works to keep your head warmer!

Super good stocking filler, and now in some great orange and blue colours!



5. Mystic Waterproof Phone case -

Keeping your phone dry out on the water these days is super important, not only because they cost a small mortgage now adays but they are super useful if anything happened and you needed to get in contact with someone. The staff at Poole Harbour all recommend the Mystic Phone case not only because it is £12.95 but it is a very good waterproof phone case guarantied to keep your phones dry! 


6. Mystic Fisherman Hat

It may seem an odd Christmas-time purchase, but this hat is a best-seller and can be hard to buy in the summer! With it's wide rim this hat is super ideal for anyone who likes to be outside in the summer. It is light, quick-drying, adjustable and on top of it all... cool! 

Dress stylishly and sensibly whether on the water or not!

Mystic Fisherman Hat - Poole Harbour Stocking Fillers


7. Swimzi Hat

Is the person you are looking to buy for a open-water swimmer (or dipper like most of us!)? Then, this is the perfect stocking present for them this winter. 

This bobble hat is designed with open water swimmers in mind, as it has a super soft fluffy lining and a knit texture to keep the heat from your head in whilst you are in much colder waters! Look great, feel cosy and be smart when sea dipping with this Swimzi bobble hat.


8. Alder Matrix Gloves -

No one wants cold hands especially in the winter months, why don't you treat them to a new pair of gloves this Christmas? No excuse for anyone not to go out on the water with their super warm new gloves! Our shop favourite is the Alder Matrix 3mm Gloves, whatever their sport of choice is in the water these will keep their hands super warm whilst having a good grip on them too. Being 3mm thick they can wear them all year round too! Every customer who tries them remarks how comfortable and soft they are and that they are really easy to get on and off. 

Alder Matrix Glove - Poole Harbour Stocking Fillers



9. TideBooks -

Every water enthusiast would appreciate a tide book whether it be the small or large planners...it can help them plan for all their 2024 outings on the water, making sure they don't get cut short on their trips out due to the tide! One of those things you always wish you had but may never think to buy...


10. Vouchers -

Our most popular stocking filler is a gift voucher from our shop, unsure what to get them?...Let them pick it out themselves with a voucher starting at a minimum amount of £15 or alternatively if you know they would enjoy a hire voucher or lesson for down at our school those are available to purchase on our website also.


    We hope you found this Top 10 list helpful, enjoy your Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the shop or online in the new year. Thank you for supporting a small business like ours!

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