Windsurf Beginner Guide.

Windsurfing is an amazing sport to get involved in. It offers lots of progression and possible routes to go with your windsurfing. From Slalom racing to Wave Windsurfing or Windsurf Foiling.


    However, you will have to start with baby steps to grasp the basics of Windsurfing. Therefore, we have included a few tutorials provided by Starboard windsurfing and staring some of Poole Harbour Watersports young talent from the Shaw Family. These videos cover the basics from your first session up to going faster and getting into the footstraps.  

    #1 START WINDSURFING | Learn How To Windsurf | Basic First Steps


     List Of Contents: 

    • How To Set Up The iQFOiL 85 SurfaceToAir For Beginner Windsurfers
    • Uphauling Your Sail and Secure Position
    • Sailing Position
    • Static Turn
    • Steering and sailing towards the wind
    • Basic tack
    • Basic gybe
    • Self Rescue


     #2 START WINDSURFING | Using The Harness & Footstraps | Planing And Picking Up Speed 


    List Of Contents: 

    • How to set up the iQFOiL 85 SurfaceToAir for planing
    • Launching From The Beach And Returning to Shore Securely
    • Beach Start
    • Intermediate Stance
    • Using The Harness
    • Basic Pumping
    • Using the Footstraps
    • Fast Tacking
    • Fast Gybe
    • Carve Gybe
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