Must Have Winter Accessories 2024

Why do I need winter accessories?

When diving into winter water sports, ensuring you keep warm and comfortable becomes paramount. The advantages are plenty: extended 'playtime' out/ in the chilly waters, honing skills effectively, and a seamless focus on your favourite sports without the distraction of the biting cold.
Embarking on water adventures in the UK's winter demands strategic investments in reliable gear. A thick neoprene wetsuit is a must-have, given the average British water temperature ranging between 6 - 10 degrees. To handle these challenging conditions, make sure to include vital neoprene accessories like gloves and jackets in your gear, as your extremites (fingers and toes) are the tips of your body heat and get soooo cold!
In this brief blog, we'll delve into each winter accessory, exploring their benefits and distinctions from their summer counterparts. Additionally, we'll touch upon the importance of maintaining the quality of your gear and provide insights into maximizing their usage.

What is most important for winter conditions?

If you're gearing up for winter water fun, prioritizing the right equipment is key. Consider investing in the following essentials:
  1. Winter Wetsuit
  2. Wetsuit Boots
  3. Wetsuit Gloves
  4. Wetsuit Hood


Winter Wetsuit:

At Poole Harbour Watersports, we offer an extensive collection of winter wetsuits, varying in thickness, size, and technology. Below, I'll highlight a few wetsuits from our range, spanning different price points and qualities:

    > O'Neil Hyper Freak Fire 5/4+ Chest Zip 

Meet the O'Neill Hyper freak Fire – a pinnacle of advanced wetsuit engineering, designed to elevate your winter water experience. Key features of this exceptional wetsuit include:
  1. Enhanced Thickness: With an extra 0.5 mm of neoprene, this wetsuit delivers an additional layer of warmth. In cold waters, this minute difference can be the game-changer for a comfortable and prolonged adventure.

  2. Anti-Flush System: The innovative anti-flush system prevents water from entering the wetsuit through the neck, ensuring a watertight seal. Inside, strategically placed drain holes serve as a fail-safe, allowing water to exit in case of any breaches.

  3. Double Chest Zip Seal: The double seal on the chest zip goes the extra mile, providing an additional barrier against water, adding an extra layer of protection for a dry and cozy experience.

  4. Ankle and Wrist Seals: Tailored for comprehensive warmth, the Hyper freak Fire features specialized seals at the ankles and wrists. These seals not only keep you snug but also contribute to maintaining optimal body temperature in challenging conditions.

Explore O'Neil Hyper freak fire 

        > Prolimit Flare Steamer Free Zip 5/3 Zodiac DL Women's 

Introducing the Prolimit Flare Steamer Freezip 5/3, a wetsuit crafted for the ultimate cold-water experience. Dive into the benefits of this exceptional gear:
  1. Triple Glued and Blind-Stitched: Engineered for durability and longevity, the seams of the Flare Steamer are meticulously crafted with a triple-glued and blind-stitched technique. This ensures a sturdy, watertight construction that stands up to the rigors of your aquatic adventures.

  2. Water Block Collar: The innovative Water Block Collar is your defense against unwanted water entry. Its purposeful design creates a reliable seal around the neck, keeping you dry and comfortable even when facing challenging conditions.

  3. Velvet Quick Dry Lining: Say goodbye to lingering dampness. The Flare Steamer incorporates a Velvet Quick Dry lining, rapidly wicking away moisture from the skin. This not only enhances your comfort during use but also facilitates a quicker drying process post-water activity.

  4. Zodiac2plush Inside Lining: A new level of coziness with the Zodiac2plush inside lining. This specialized material not only enhances insulation but also provides a soft, luxurious feel against the skin. Stay warm and comfortable throughout your cold-water escapades.

Explore Prolimit Flare Steamer Free Zip 5/4 

       > C-Skins Legend 3:2 Mens GBS Back Zip Steamer

Elevate your water adventures with the C-Skins Legend, a wetsuit that seamlessly blends advanced technology with superior design. Discover the key features that make this wetsuit a legend:
  1. Glued and Blindstitched Seams: The Legend ensures durability and water resistance with its expertly crafted glued and blindstitched seams. This meticulous construction not only enhances the wetsuit's longevity but also minimizes water ingress, keeping you dry and comfortable.

  2. Critically Reinforced Seams: Take on the waves with confidence, knowing that critical areas of the Legend are reinforced for added strength. This strategic reinforcement ensures that the wetsuit stands up to the demands of your water pursuits, providing reliability where it matters most.

  3. True Thickness: Experience true-to-spec thickness throughout the wetsuit, delivering consistent insulation across different parts of your body. The Legend's adherence to true thickness contributes to optimal performance and comfort in varying water conditions.

  4. Superseal Glideskin Collar: Say goodbye to unwanted water entry with the Superseal Glideskin collar. This innovative feature creates a reliable seal around the neck, effectively preventing water from seeping in. Enjoy enhanced comfort and focus on your water activities without the distraction of a damp neckline.

Explore C-skin legend 

Wetsuit Boots:

         > Solite 6mm boots

Experience the pinnacle of cold-water performance with the Solite Custom Pro - where the best boot just got better. Dive into the impressive features that set this boot apart:
  • 6mm Thickness: Take on chilly conditions with confidence. The 6mm thickness of the Custom Pro ensures superior insulation, keeping your feet warm and comfortable in temperatures below 50°F.

  • Internal Split Toe: Enjoy enhanced control and agility in the water. The internal split toe design provides a natural feel, allowing for precise movements and increased board control.

  • Heat-Moldable: Achieve a personalized fit like never before. The Custom Pro is heat-moldable, ensuring a customized and snug feel that caters to the unique contours of your feet.

  • Ankle Strap: Secure and adjustable, the ankle strap enhances stability, preventing water from entering the boot and keeping you focused on your cold-water pursuits.

  • Includes Solite Heat Booster Socks: Unmatched warmth meets versatility. The Custom Pro comes complete with Solite Heat Booster socks, providing an extra layer of insulation for those exceptionally cold days.

  • Heel Pull: Easy on, easy off. The heel pull feature simplifies the process of putting on and taking off your boots, adding convenience to your water adventures.

Solite proudly presents the flagship boot for cold water conditions - the 6mm Custom Pro. Lighter, warmer, and higher-performing, this boot stands as a testament to Solite's commitment to excellence in aquatic footwear. Elevate your cold-water experiences with the best in the market.
Explore Solite 6mm

        > Atan Hot mistral 6mm

  • Superbly Warm at 6mm:

    • Titanium plush lining ensures exceptional warmth.
    • Unbeatable comfort in cold water conditions.
  • Barefoot Feeling Sole:

    • ATAN's signature "Barefoot feeling" sole stands out.
    • Achieved through a unique natural latex dip process exclusive to ATAN.
  • Light, Flexible, Comfortable:

    • Remarkably light and flexible for unrestricted movement.
    • Unparalleled comfort for extended wear in the water.
  • Durable and Supple:

    • Built to last with durability in mind.
    • Supple construction enhances overall performance.
  • Competitively Priced:

    • Enjoy top-tier quality without breaking the bank.
    • ATAN delivers affordability without compromising on excellence.
  • HOT MISTRAL Surf Boot:

    • Available in 6mm glued and blindstitched for superior durability.
    • Lined with neoprene plush titanium for added insulation.
    • Fine latex sole for the signature "Barefoot feeling."
    • Leg strap ensures a secure fit during your water adventures.
Discover the perfect blend of warmth, flexibility, and comfort with the ATAN Hot Mistral. Dive into the waves with confidence, knowing you have a surf boot that excels in every aspect, backed by ATAN's commitment to quality and innovation.
Explore Atan Hot Mistral 6mm Boots 

Wetsuit Gloves:

              > Alder Matrix Gloves

3mm Glued & Blindstitched Neoprene:
  • Immerse yourself in the warmth of advanced 3mm neoprene, meticulously glued and blindstitched for a watertight seal. This superior construction acts as a formidable barrier against the biting cold of the water, ensuring your hands remain comfortably insulated.
100% X-Stretch:
  • Indulge in unrestricted movement with the 100% X-Stretch technology, allowing the gloves to flex and adapt to your hand's natural contours. As your hands move freely, the gloves maintain a snug fit, effectively retaining warmth even in the coldest waters.
Super Grippy Palms:
  • Conquer the elements with confidence as the super grippy palms provide an exceptional hold on equipment and surfaces. Enhanced control not only prevents slippage but also minimizes the exposure of your hands to the cold, allowing you to focus on your cold-water pursuits.
Double Throughout:
  • Rugged durability meets reinforced protection with the double-stitched construction throughout the gloves. Designed to withstand the harshest conditions, these gloves offer prolonged warmth and resilience in the face of cold water challenges.
Embrace comfort and functionality, ensuring your hands stay warm, agile, and ready for the next cold-water adventure.
Explore Alder Matrix Gloves 

            > O'Neill Psycho Tech DL 5mm Gloves 

O'Neill Psycho Tech Double Lined 5mm Gloves - Crafted Warmth for Cold Waters. Amazing for swimmers, cold-water dippers and surfers.
Anatomical Fit:
  • Tailored to fit the natural contours of your hands, providing a snug and comfortable seal. This anatomical design ensures optimal warmth by minimizing water ingress.
Wind-Proof Smoothskin:
  • Face harsh winds with confidence as the wind-proof Smoothskin exterior acts as a protective barrier, shielding your hands from chilly gusts. This feature enhances the gloves' ability to maintain warmth in cold water.
Hydrophobic TechnoButter 3:
  • Embrace advanced water resistance with the hydrophobic TechnoButter 3 neoprene. This innovative material repels water, ensuring that the gloves stay dry and your hands remain warm throughout your cold-water adventures.
TechnoButter Firewall:
  • Elevate your insulation game with the TechnoButter Firewall lining. This interior layer maximizes heat retention, effectively trapping warmth against your skin, even in the coldest conditions.
O'Ring Seal:
  • Seal out the cold with the O'Ring Seal, a precision feature that enhances the gloves' watertight integrity. This ensures that cold water stays out, allowing you to focus on the warmth provided by the gloves' advanced features.
The O'Neill Psycho Tech Double Lined 5mm Gloves redefine cold-water comfort with their lightweight TechnoButter 3 neoprene construction. From the anatomical fit to the wind-proof Smoothskin exterior and advanced insulation technologies, these gloves are engineered to keep you exceptionally warm, ensuring your hands stay cozy even in the chilliest waters.
Explore The O'Neil Psycho Tech DL 5mm gloves

Wetsuit Hoods:

Designed to extend the boundaries of comfort and protection, wetsuit hoods are a vital addition to your aquatic gear. These hoods play a crucial role in safeguarding you against the elements, particularly in colder waters, providing insulation and shielding your head and neck from the biting chill.

           > C-skins wired hood

ThermoTech Xtend Neoprene:
  • Immerse yourself in cutting-edge warmth with the ThermoTech Xtend neoprene, a hallmark of the C-Skins Wired Hood. This advanced material ensures superior insulation, effectively trapping and retaining heat to keep your head and neck comfortably warm in colder waters.
Glued and Blindstitched Seams:
  • Experience unwavering protection against water ingress with the meticulously crafted glued and blindstitched seams. This precision construction not only enhances the hood's durability but also creates a watertight barrier, preventing cold water from seeping in and disrupting the crucial warmth provided by the ThermoTech Xtend neoprene.
Why it Matters:
The C-Skins Wired Hood is engineered for one primary purpose – to keep you exceptionally warm in cold waters. The synergy between the ThermoTech Xtend neoprene and the glued and blindstitched seams ensures that every moment in the water is met with reliable insulation. By embracing innovative design and advanced materials, this wetsuit hood becomes an indispensable ally in your cold-water adventures, allowing you to stay focused, comfortable, and warm throughout your aquatic pursuits.
Explore C-Skin Wired Hood 

            - Xcel Infiniti Hooded vest

Key Features:
  • Elevate your warmth game with the Radiant Rebound Hood, an innovative feature of the Xcel Infiniti Hooded Vest. This advanced technology maximizes heat retention, ensuring that your head stays comfortably warm even in the coldest waters.
  • Immerse yourself in the exceptional warmth provided by the Thermolight body of the Xcel Infiniti Hooded Vest. Engineered to trap and reflect body heat, this feature ensures a consistent and cozy temperature throughout your cold-water adventures.
  • Experience enhanced comfort with flat seam construction, minimizing friction and irritation. This thoughtful design not only contributes to the vest's durability but also ensures a smooth, comfortable fit, essential for maintaining warmth in chilly conditions.
  • Stay dry and warm with the quick-drying capabilities of the Xcel Infiniti Hooded Vest. This feature allows you to enjoy extended comfort by rapidly shedding moisture, keeping you snug and ready for the next dive or surf session.
  • Tailored for optimal performance, the engineered fit of the Xcel Infiniti Hooded Vest ensures a snug and comfortable seal. This precise fit not only enhances warmth but also minimizes water entry, allowing you to stay warm and focused on your water pursuits.
Why it Matters:
Designed to be worn under your wetsuit, the Xcel Infiniti Hooded Vest is a powerhouse in cold-water warmth. The combination of the Radiant Rebound Hood, Thermolight body, flat seam construction, quick-drying capabilities, and engineered fit culminate in a vest that not only retains body heat but also prevents flush-throughs of cold water. By choosing the Xcel Infiniti Hooded Vest, you are investing in an essential layer that ensures you stay comfortably warm, allowing you to extend your cold-water adventures with confidence and ease.
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