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Patrik F Cross 2024

Patrik F Cross 2024

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Call it as you like “Freemove”, “Freestyle-Wave”, “Bump & Jump”, etc, important to know is that this is the most versatile shape in our range. To cruise along, carve some old-school manoeuvres, ride some waves, pop some new-school Freestyle tricks, pop some sick jumps or match-race your mate, and more is all this board can offer in a very high levelled way while only choosing the right fin style and strap setup.

FOIL-READY AS 124, 136 and 147:
The short and compact shape of the F-Cross works very well as a freeride foil board in the brand-new big sizes 124, 136 and 147. They are wide enough for a good foot offset (more control) and short enough for good aerodynamics in freeride foiling conditions.

Welcome to our most fun shape ever! 


The 6mm thick diamond groove grip pad has an extra 6mm soft sponge under-layer which makes it a total of 12mm. It's very comfortable and it spreads out the load of your foot onto the deck construction well.

A harmonic curve all the way through the length with a rounded off tail for the extra tight carving ability.

Straight flat on the big size for best planning and acceleration performance in the light wind and constantly increasing rocker the smaller the board for more maneuverability and wave-oriented range of use.

On the bigger sizes, the back-foot height is almost even with the front foot for early planning and straight-line performance. The smaller the boards the slightly thinner the tail with a lower back foot for more wave-oriented use.

Double concaved V with stabilizing side flats from the nose to the front strap to absorb the chop and give it a comfortable ride and then blend into a flat panel V all the way to the tail for all-around cruising stability and easy rail-to-rail transitions in maneuvers.

A bit thicker and boxier rails on the bigger boards for rail floatation and non-planning stability and slightly thinner and rounder on the smaller sizes for more carving and grip in the turns.

At the tail strap the deck is designed to have enough dome and curve to give you a comfortable stance when using the center or the double straps. Light dome deck to hide volume in the board center and make the construction stiffer.

There is a Powerbox on all 4 smaller sizes (87, 94, 103, 113). While the 3 bigger sizes (124,136,147) have the foil-ready Deep Tuttle box. The F-cross comes equipped with a PATRIK fin, see the table below to see which PATRIK fin comes with which board. More inward insert plugs for a 3x strap setup and more outside inserts for a more racey 4x strap setup. Each insert has 4-positions for individual trim adjustment.



The topic where opinions split radically but after all the proof is the choice of the pro riders and this is what we want to offer you and nothing less.

Our full deck Carbon Kevlar is lightness and impact strong whereas the Biax fibre on the bottom is giving the extra flex you want for the turns and landings.





F CROSS 87 - 233cm x 58.5cm - 87l

F CROSS 94 - 234cm x 60.5cm - 94l

F CROSS 103 - 235cm x 62.5cm - 103l

F CROSS 113 - 236cm x 64.5cm - 113l

F CROSS 124 - 238cm x 68.0cm - 124l

F CROSS 136 - 239cm x 72.5cm - 136l

F CROSS 147 - 241cm x 78.5cm - 147l




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